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Give yourself a motivational Kick Start today

  Anyone can give you a diet sheet to follow. Lets face it you can get a “diet/weight loss plan” off the back of a cereal box (Don’t get me started on this one!) Clever & extremely persuasive marketing convinces us to buy highly processed crap that keep us locked down into sugar addiction. Constantly buying more to feed

5 Minute Brainfit LET GO Meditation

Do you need 5 minutes of mental space during the day? Have you tried meditating and wonder if you are doing it right or not and find your mind keeps wandering? Try 5 minute snackable meditation chuncks using a simple mantra LET GO. And Id LOVE to know if this is helpful to you? Leave

FP Love Marrying Movement with Positive Affirmations

I love this workout- relaxing movement combined with positive affirmations.   As always I love to hear from you so please comment and subscribe to my channel! Fitness Pilates LOVE WORKOUT from Rachel L Holmes on Vimeo. 👋Hey are you on my mailing lists? ✅For Fitness Pilates Instructors: https://www.choreographytogo.com/fitness-pilates-newsletter/ ✅For Nutrition/ health/ wellness/ fitness from