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Month: January 2015

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KSFL Raw Chocolate Ganache Tart

How AMAZING does this look Homemade Raw Chocolate Ganache Tart Its very simple to make and so delish for a weekend treat.     Here how you make it – Kick Start Fat loss most popular recipe so far this January 2015  

Are You Listening To Your Body?

Are you listening to what your body is telling you? The very first “self help book” I picked up years ago was the old Louise Hay You can heal your life I can tell you how long it was as I had the audio on cassette… eeekk I’d drive around listening to Louise who had

KSFL Live Launches

The first thing many people ask us when embarking on Kick Start is “What can I eat???” We recommend a detox first to cleanse the liver, the cells and break sugar, wheat & gluten addictions. The body will drop body fat much quicker when these toxic foods are taken out of the diet. At our

How To Smash Crazy Cravings

Are you cooking from scratch? January is the perfect time to get your slow cooker out & challenge yourself to cook & create your own meals from scratch this week. Use locally produced meats from your butcher, nip into the local farm shop for you organic vegetables & free range eggs to create fatburning, nutritious,

Episode 10 – ALL Sugars ARE Equal

All SUGARS – Even So Called “Healthy Sugars & Sweeteners” Are Equal Sugar is a confusing little devil. It sneaks into so much of our food and we don’t even realise it. What is important to understand is that the body treats ALL sugar in the same way. Even the so called “Healthy Sweetners” like

Episode 9 Kick Start – Its Time To Get Back On It

Here are my Kick Start Quick Tips To Get Your Going and Motivated Today! Lets Do This!    

10 Top Nutrition Tips To Implement Now For Great Results

10 Nutrition Tips To get Your Right on TRACK So, lets start right here right now with some top news to get you motivated & ready to rock. No time wasting here at Kick Start. No ineffectual old skool, out dated info that doesn’t work anyway. Just THE most up to date fatloss info that