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We have been having some great debate over on the Kick Start Fat Loss Facebook page

discussing various diets and clubs. It’s been really interesting.

With Kick Start its not about being restrictive or depriving yourself,  it’s to arm

you with the all the very latest food & nutrition research so you can make the right choices for you & your family.


It’s well documented & researched that

sugary processed food is highly addictive, causes your hormones & blood sugar levels to sky rocket, gives you out of control cravings & weight gain.


So what do you do when you really fancy something sweet and gorgeous??


Make your own.. these recipes are so simple and so much more satisfying than processed food.


The ingredients are natural & healthy and won’t spiral you down “Out of control” alley.


healthy nutella




I am updating the whole of the Kick Start website with a brand new Kick Start Fat Loss  Online Academy

coming soon with A new  12 week transformational programme,  Kick Start Teens plan, Men Only & much more to come

Plus the Kick Start VIP members


It’s exciting times

Have a great day

Love Rachel xxx


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