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Meet new KSFL Franchisee Nicola Carless who had great success with her launch earlier this year and is passionate about changing lives.

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Hear Nicola’s story:


I have worked in the fitness industry for over 19 years and it is my passion. I absolutely love what I do. I love helping people become a fitter and healthier version of themselves! For me fitness is hugely satisfying and rewarding. I have always had a great passion for healthy living and exercise and I participated in group exercise and team sports from an early age.
I was always slim at school and never had a weight problem, probably due to the good food my parents gave me and the fact I was always moving about, however, once I started working after leaving school at 16, I found that I didn’t have the time exercise. I worked very long hours training to be a hairdresser and any time I did have and I was also having a great time going out with my friends. I rarely got a break at work, so my eating habits changed for the worse! This led to me putting on weight, not lots but being only 5ft 2inches and a small frame the extra weight really showed on me.
I tried all sorts of faddy diets to lose the weight and for several years I would lose that 7/10lbs and regain it several times!!
During my early to my mid-twenties, I went through quite a very difficult time. This led to me losing my confidence and I had very low self-esteem.
In order to get away from the situation I started swimming and going to aerobics classes. I fell in love with aerobics as I have always loved to dance and always enjoyed exercising so this was perfect for me. I truly believe that attending those aerobic classes and going swimming gave me the confidence to get myself out of the situation I was experiencing at that time.
I was diagnosed with depression and stress and I had lots of illnesses one after the other due to my immune system being low,  I was also diagnosed with IBS, however, I continued to exercise throughout and I am certain it was the exercise that got me through that time. I didn’t take anti-depressants even though I was given them. I used exercise instead and it worked!!
At the time I was completing a Housing Studies Diploma for my job as a Housing Officer and as soon as it finished I decided I would study something that I was interested in so I enrolled on an Exercise to Music course. I am naturally quite shy and had no intention of teaching an exercise class. The thought of standing up in front of people filled me with dread!! I just wanted to learn more about the body and exercise for my own personal use. However, despite being extremely nervous every time I had to stand up in front of people to teach a class, I loved it. I became hooked and signed up for lots more courses. I wanted to learn as much as I could and be the best I could be. This was something I was told I was good at, I loved it and it gave me so much more confidence. I decided that I wanted to work as a fitness instructor full time. I built up my classes in gyms and personal training clients and eventually I went part time as a Housing Officer and very soon gave it up altogether.
|In January 2012, I opened my own Fitness Studio. This had been a dream of mine for a long time and four years on it is going from strength to strength!
I run a variety of fitness and nutrition programmes and fitness classes from my Studio. I am passionate about helping my clients get their mojo back, feel good about themselves, improve their overall health and have fun too!!
Last year was a challenging year after losing my Auntie to cancer at the beginning of the year and my Dad being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer a few months later. It was very stressful, I was sleeping even less than usual, my energy levels were low and I was craving sweet things!! I normally prefer savoury things so I knew that I wasn’t eating right! My IBS had flared up again and this affected my energy levels as well as gaining a bit of weight and bodyfat!
I was also finding it difficult, due to lack of time to keep up to date with the latest nutrition research, which is really important for me to be able to pass on to my clients so that they get the best results.
So when I received an e-mail from Rachel in December 2015 asking for Fitness Professionals to become KSFL Franchisees, I decided it was just what I needed for me and my clients.

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Why KSFL..?
I first did Rachel Holmes Kick Start Fat Loss program about 7 years ago and this made me more aware about nutrition and how by cutting out certain things body fat would melt away. I started teaching Bootcamps around this time and gave my clients a similar diet to follow and my clients continue to get great results from it.
KSFL compliments everything that I have done and do at The Studio so I knew it was the right step for my business.
Being a KSFL Franchisee means that I am kept up to date with the very latest nutrition research and I have the support from Rachel and her team and the other Franchisees too.
I launched KSFL at The Studio with Rachel in February with over 50 people attending the launch evening. It was a great success and 22 people signed up for the 28 day programme which I started in March 2016. I started the programme with them too as I knew it would help me get back on track with my eating.
I wanted to lose a bit of weight and bodyfat but my main reason for doing KSFL was to rid my body of toxins so I would feel better and have more energy!
KSFL did exactly this. I am pleased to say that I have not only cleansed my system, but I have so much more energy and I feel I am getting back to the old me again. I am eating far more than I was before too! I was feeling awful because I wasn’t eating enough!
KSFL is a lifestyle change, not a diet. We eat for health and wellness and when we do this we naturally lose any excess bodyfat and inches and weight. For most of my clients, it has been liberating not to focus only on the scales!
My clients have had some successes in just 28 days are delighted with the results they are getting which includes inch loss, fat loss, weight loss, more energy, not having indigestion, clearer skin and much more.
I have plans to start KSFL online programmes next month for people who can’t make the live exercise sessions. I also do one to one coaching through Rachel and the team.
I will also be starting KSFL Bootcamp and KSFL Dance programmes soon.
My aim is to help as many people as I can become fitter, healthier and feel and look as good as they can!


Do you want to launch a business in an area you are passionate about too?

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