Day: May 18, 2017

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The KSFL key to speedy meal prep

Do you find you spend your whole Sunday afternoon prepping food for the week? THERE IS NO NEED. It is all about having a plan and buying smart- I am sure we can cut your meal prep down by half!     Here are our top tips: 1. Buy SMART When shopping pick ingredients that are FLEXIBLE

Cauliflower smoothie- now you’ve heard it all!

You know on KSFL we suggest putting greens in your smoothies especially if you struggle to eat them otherwise… but cauliflower??? YES we said cauliflower smoothie!!!   Cauliflower rice, cauliflower pizza…cauliflower is a fantastic swap for almost everything !  If you aren’t too keen on adding banana or avocado to make a creamy smoothie… then

The joys of the M word

Today my guest BLOGGER on the newsletter is KSFL Franchisee for LEEDS Andrea Riddoch with an article all about the joys of the M word –  Let me know what you think.   Andrea Riddoch First of all, apologies if you are male, but as the vast majority of my demographic are females I am