Day: March 13, 2018

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Uphill Buggy Blitz Workout

Short on Time with your little one? Try an uphill workout with your Phil and Teds #sport and with a 13kg toddler it is a REAL heart racer and will challenge your cardio vascular system and burn fat in record time. : **TIPS** Watch your posture when you are pushing up hill. Think about keeping your

One Pot Wonders For Less Washing Up

UGH when the weather is this dreary motivation can seriously lack! We understand all that washing up after dinner can just be too much sometimes – so try these great one pot wonders to save on the pots and make your life even easier!! HAPPY COOKING!

Ditch the energy drinks

We have some scary facts for those of you who drink energy drinks today…. DID YOU KNOW? ••Just 250ml of a typical energy drink contains 27.5g sugar!!!! ••Energy drinks are NOT for children yet 69% of 10 to 18 year olds consume them on a regular basis. •• Many energy drinks contain up to 160mg