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Uphill Buggy Blitz Workout

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Short on Time with your little one?

Try an uphill workout with your Phil and Teds #sport and with a 13kg toddler it is a REAL heart racer and will challenge your cardio vascular system and burn fat in record time.
Watch your posture when you are pushing up hill. Think about keeping your back straight and really using your upper body and legs to power forward you forward.
Choose a slight incline to begin with then work up to steeper gradients.
: Mix up your timings – shoot for 20 seconds and the walk slowly for 2 minutes and get your breath back Increase to 30 secs / 45 secs and keep building up every day if you like.
:Try doing Jumping Squats uphill. IT’S INTENSE.
I know how hard it is to fit in your workouts when you have a baby or toddler, the days just fly by and before you know its bed time and you are exhausted.
By incorporating your cardio while getting out with your push chair is such a win win. Logan loves going out in his Phil and Teds #sport and it tires him out with all the fresh air . He ends up going to be earlier and sleeping even better. WE sprint up to the park, then play before sprinting back if I feel like it!
I hope this little workout inspires you to fit your training into your new lifestyle, you will feel happier, more energised, fitter and stronger and it seriously does you the world of good mentally and brilliant for your self confidence and positivity. PLUS enhances your social life as everyone you pass smiles and speaks!!!

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