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Toddler Sport Workout In The Park

I know it is still so cold outside but why not wrap up warm and head to the park with your little one for some fresh air and fun!   There are so many little games you can play and activities to get the blood flowing 🙂 Little Logan loves riding in his phil&teds #Sport

Uphill Buggy Blitz Workout

Short on Time with your little one? Try an uphill workout with your Phil and Teds #sport and with a 13kg toddler it is a REAL heart racer and will challenge your cardio vascular system and burn fat in record time. : **TIPS** Watch your posture when you are pushing up hill. Think about keeping your

NEW series of Sports Buggy workouts with Rachel Holmes and Phil&Teds

I am so excited to share with you my brand new series of workouts with the Phil and Teds Apple Sport buggy!   Getting outside and training with Logan again has been so much fun! You can easily adjust your workout depending on how you are feeling that day and it is so fun to workout

Anna, of KSFL West Somerset, shares her 4 week results with KSFL

New Mum Anna Sanders 4 week KSFL progress update, results and review! So here are my week 1, 2 and 4 photos. I have lost 12 inches all over and over a stone. I’m so pleased with the results. I had a baby 8 months ago. KSFL has left me full of energy and positivity. I

Proud mum and daughter to a KSFL Franchisee loses 4 stone

This is a brilliant story from Lauren who lost 4 stone after having her little boy, and is now maintaining her new healthy lifestyle. Read Lauren’s story below: Hi everyone, I’m Lauren, Fran’s daughter and proud mum to my little Frank, who is just over 18 months old. I have been lucky enough to be able

Emily took back control of her body after having her second child and lost 5 1/2 stone with KSFL

Emily wanted to take back control of her body after having her second child. After joining Kick Start Fat Loss Shrewsbury with Danni Evans she lost 2 stone in the first 3 months and continues to live the KSFL lifestyle. Read her story below. I was drawn to KSFL after the birth of my second son. I