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Make a List and make it Happen

Did you know that you are 33% more likely to achieve a task if you write a list?? As part of your spring cleaning why not get organised with lists- here is how to get started: How will you make your list? On your phone? A notepad? Your laptop? We personally think there is nothing

Kick Start Half Term Treats To Make With The Kids

Do you have the kids/ Grand kids at home with you this week? Filling their time with fun activities can be a hard task- throwing everyone out of their routine!  So how about putting baking on the agenda ? But with a twist- these are far healthier and contain only natural sugars!  Give these recipes a

February what’s in season?

February is a dull month thats for sure- so we are here to brighten up your dishes with the fruit and veg that is in season this month:   PASSION FRUIT This tropical fruit is great in so many ways; used in early folk medicine in Peru and Brazil to aid sleep. Make a quick

Have you got high cholesterol?

Have you been told you have high cholesterol? The cholesterol question is HUGE. I have worried Kick Starters every day who have been told they have high cholesterol or family history of cholesterol and heart disease and eating fats goes against EVERYTHING they have been told. So what is the deal? It’s another BIG question that I

Simple Tips to Stress Less

Do you feel STRESSED? Here are our simple top tips to stress LESS! Get Moving Whether it be one of our morning HIIT routines or a class at your gym, you don’t have to do the most intense exercise to reap the benefits. Try yoga or pilates to help relieve anxiety/stress. Aim for 10,000 steps

Steps to become an exercise addict

We all have those friends that NEVER miss a day at the gym and are always looking forward to their next 10km! Creating the drive to exercise can be so hard especially with a busy lifestyle, work and children BUT we are here to help 🙂     The good news is we can ALL be

Have you done dry January?

Hi, have you done dry January this month? How have you done so far- only one day to go! If you have made it this far then I imagine you are feeling fantastic Or maybe you don’t feel any different? You may have experienced; better sleep, reduced cravings, weight loss- better health? I think dry January

Boost the PMA

Boost the PMA with these easy tips: Did you know that in the UK  45% of all work related sickness is related to stress and other mental health troubles? This is a shocking figure but with our increasingly stressful lifestyles it makes alot of sense- this is why it is so important to help manage

What could be the 2018 food trends?

In 2017 we were into the BONE BROTH and gut healthy Kombucha…. but what possibly does 2018 hold in store for us? Apparently in 2018 there was a 113 percent increase from 2016 in Matcha tea purchases  and turmeric latte 260 percent.. . WOW! Food trends change quickly and some go more main stream than

Behind the scenes Stockport wellness event

Behind the scenes from Keep Fit & Kick Start Stockport with Paula wellness event 24th January in Hazel Grove! We covered so many subjects in the jam packed evening including stress, menopause, nutrition, long term weight loss and much more followed by a beautiful meditation and some tasty Kick Start Food. Overall the night was