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Kick Start Newsletter 24th April

Good Morning The sun is shining which cheers everybody up! Such beautiful weather improves energy, mood and also makes you crave cooler meals- we are here to help … My current Lift Lean group have done enormously well so far with Andrea losing 10lb in the first week! I really feel that the 5:2 Plan is THE best

Super Boost Motivation Time

KSFL Super Boost Motivation To get you skipping out of the door with a summery zing in your step, make sure you eat a high protein breakfast & fit in a quick 10min workout. 1: Here is a quick 10minute HIIT workout for you to do NOW! 2: Take a COLD Shower – YES

When should I eat carbs?

To Eat Carbs or Not???     It’s the HUGE question that everyone wants to know & dealing with fatloss on a daily basis I’m constantly asked & quizzed on my views. If FAT Loss is your goal – Here are my tips BUT If you are training for a run/triathlon/endurance event  your requirements are

Are you struggling to give up sugar?

Even if you had a few wobbles, keep getting back on track. Those pesky sugar cravings are INTENSE. Sugar actually changes your brain chemistry. So, don’t panic if you find it tough & you are feeling the withdrawal effects . Depending on your personality type there are 2 ways to tackle sugar: 1: All or

Are you stuck in a training rut?

Do you feel a bit “stuck” in a rut, maybe it’s a class, your nutrition, your fitness, or the daily grind & work projects that’s got you swimming in soup. As soon as the sun comes up & the day’s are longer I want to be doing everything & anything other that what I SHOULD

Step Up To Your Potential

I keep coming back to that word Potential You can choose to sneak under the radar. Be the people pleaser saying YES to things, situations, circumstances & what other people want you to do. Without giving it much thought, but knowing its not serving you, your core desires or what is really right for you.

New Exciting Projects For Spring

  We have some of our most exciting projects launching this Spring and I can’t wait to get started!   This April we have 2 exciting programmes and tonnes of great information for you, check it out:   LAUNCHING Monday 16th April LIFT LEAN 5:2 The new Lift Lean 5:2 has been a massive success

Workout Fun In The Park Part 2

Workout in the park part 2! You don’t always need to be in the gym for a workout! Here are some fun ideas to get you and your toddler active in the park – there is so much you can do with the equipment and some parks even have full outdoor gyms so make the

Buggy Workout Ideas In The Park

On a sunny spring morning there is nothing better than getting out into the fresh air for some exercise with the little one! Simplicity is key and make it fun playing games along the way. If you have a baby/ toddler in a buggy then here are some great exercises to do in the park-

Toddler Sport Workout In The Park

I know it is still so cold outside but why not wrap up warm and head to the park with your little one for some fresh air and fun!   There are so many little games you can play and activities to get the blood flowing 🙂 Little Logan loves riding in his phil&teds #Sport