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I love little daily prompts to remind you to live life well.

Committing to mental self improvement every day is my absolute passion.

I LOVE IT & how it changes your life, your perceptions & how you feel.

A daily affirmation, experiencing feelings of gratitude &  meditation brings you back to the moment, enjoying the present & striving to attain your full potential.

So what stops you?

What is really holding you back?

Could it be that nagging self doubt feeling and FEAR????

Fear keeps you locked down in a boring, fulfilling lifestyle

Fear keeps you in relationships that do not serve you, or bring the best out of you.

Fear is not giving up that job or class that is literally sucking the marrow from your bones & your soul out of your eyeballs!

Fear stops you having adventures.

Fear stops you building that business, writing that blog, filming that video & creating a life you love.

Do something TODAY that scares you.

Why don’t you tackle one of those fears head on today.

Go On….Do it..

Be Brave
Be Inspired
Be Bold.

Imagine the feeling of accomplishment, ecstasy, expansion & liberation this sunny Sunday, knowing you have faced your fears & moved ahead.

Do what YOU really want today.


I hope this inspires, persuades & stimulates, you to do the same.

“Today I am facing my fears head on”

The perfect affirmation for a day of facing fears.

Will you message me if you do??

BIG LOVE Rachel xxxx

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