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Let’s Talk Menopause #WorldMenopauseDay

Hello!  Firstly, this is just amazing that more women are now asking for help and talking about all things menopause related. We HAVE to have these conversations. We can’t let bright, happy, productive women fall through this menopause hole into feeling so crap. Knowledge is key and there are new studies and evidence finally coming

#WorldMentalHealthDay Nutrition and Exercise to boost your mood

October 10th~ World Mental Health Day! Just a good reminder to make time for self care in today’s blog:     Today we are talking about exercise and the benefits to our mental health. It is amazing how many people think they need to be doing a hard and stressful workout in order to see

Get 15% Off All Kick Start Online Programmes

Hello Happy Friday! I hope you have a great week and back into the swing of things now we are well in September? We have lots of new “things” happening with Kick Start and women’shealth and wellness in the form of programmes, evening events, and initiatives with serval large brands which is exciting. 21 Day

Lift Lean With Rachel Holmes April Group Results

After 21 days Lift Lean with Fitness Presenter Rachel Holmes; the results are coming in from the group. Lift Lean is a weight based workout focusing on toning and building strength combined with a 5:2 nutrition programme. For 21 days Rachel Holmes works with a team online to coach and motivate, with new daily workouts,

What is Body Confidence? Interview with Rachel Holmes and Zoe McNulty

Today’s podcast is an inspiring chat with Zoe McNulty on body confidence and the fitness industry. As usual Zoe’s outgoing, fun and confident personality makes for a brilliant interview! I hope you enjoy it, please leave your comments and don’t forget to subscribe!

The Top Wellness Trends Of 2017

This year is FINALLY the year people are really starting to take their health seriously, and it shows in this years trends to come: Inflammation fighting foods – Inflammation is the link to disease and many health problems so it isn’t a surprise that this information is finally mainstream. Athleisure- Finally comfort is key with

Our KSFL tips to get back in gear when you are feeling tired and low in energy

Today’s wellness stars question of the week: When you are feeling tired and low in energy what are your KSFL tips to get back in gear?   Here is what our KSFL Franchisees said:   Andrea Riddoch KSFL Leeds A big green juice or a raw food meal. When the food has not been heated

It Really Is Time To Change

Everywhere I go people tell me they are desperate to lose weight. They tell me about this and that diet they have tried and keep trying. This slimming club and that gym. Starvation and being beasted. Only to binge at the end of the day (or week if they made it that far) White knuckling

KSFL Transformation Day with Fran and Chris

KSFL Boutique Wellness Transformation Day Blog At Rowhill Grange Sat 27th Feb   from Fran and Chris Chris and I got started at 7.30am with a breakfast meeting at my house – green juice and final check over the running order of the day! Nervous in an excited way, we set off on the 20

Nutrition Linked with Mental Health

“Recent evidence suggests that good nutrition is essential for our mental health and that a number of mental health conditions may be influenced by dietary factors.” Says Mental Health.org The evidence linking diet and mental health is growing FAST. Evidence shows that it can contribute towards the development and management of depression, schizophrenia, attention deficit