Do You Want To Build Your Fitness Business Online And Offer Women’s Weightloss, Wellness & Wellbeing Programmes?

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Do You Want To Build Your Fitness Business Online And Offer Women’s Weightloss, Wellness & Wellbeing Programmes?

ls The full Kick Start Coach course is on offer from £497 to £397 this week.

CLICK HERE TO BOOK for the special price.


What Do You Get In The Kick Start  Training

1: FULL Access To The Kick Start  Coach Training – All delivered via videos on the KickStart coach website  including The Kick Start Prime – Womens Wellness programme


You can use them as they are or learn from them and create your own version to fit in with your brand.


Each programme has a daily Nutrition Video explaining what to do and a choice a 2 Home Workouts so you and your clients are taken step by step day by day through each week.

  • Kick Start SPRINTER 7 Day SPRINTER.  * Best Selling Programme* .                
  • Kick Start SPRINTER 14 DAY SPRINTER 14 daily videos, 14 daily workouts, graphics, shopping lists, menus, dos and donts, promotional materials and social media guidance.                                                                                  
  • Kick Start 7 day LIFT LEAN EXPRESS and the 5:2 DIET- Lift Lean is an amazing concept and is working so well online. Gain access to the 7 Day EXPRESS.                                                                                                                  
  • Kick Start 7 Day Mid Section Meltdown – A brilliant 7-day daily weightlosss with 7 workouts concentrating on the midsection * best-selling programme.                                                                                                 
  • Elevate 12 week Programme                                                                                 
  • Kick Start Prime – Womens Wellness Programme.


PLUS BONUS COURSE – How To Create Your ONLINE Fitness Business worth £99.

The videos in this course walk you through exactly how to create your own online course

How Much Extra  Revenue Are You Looking At Making?

A 7-day online programme is priced at  £27.

14 Day programme between £37 – £47

21-day programme is £67

Elevate is a 12 week programme and guide price is £127 – £147.


There is over 40 hours of content for you to get your teeth in. Fascinating if you are interested in wellness, nutrition, hormones, lifestyle, sleep, stress, evidence-based nutrition.

 Andrea Gaynor, Linda Allison. Ali Amith, Nicola Ashby  & Karen Lamont all launched at the beginning of the year and summer tends to be an even better month in online programmes as everyone gets paid!

There are so many new potential customers who are looking to join a new programme so don’t think you have missed the boat.

NOW is a great time to get involved.

CLICK HERE To BOOK – You can pay in instalments.


Kick Start Online Coach Certification 2019

Education and Business Training For 

Forward Thinking Fitness Professionals.


Is there a monthly fee once I have purchased.


It’s a one-off fee and you get my 5 most successful programmes you can purchase more once you have used all of these BUT there is a good years worth of material if you run programmes every month. PLus business building and how to build your online brand.


I don’t have a website does it matter?

It’s not crucial to start off and you can launch your programmes but I highly recommend once you have got going to invest in a website further down the line.


Can I use my own brand?

Yes, I highly recommend you build your personal brand and Kick Start sits underneath it. Kick Start has a strong brand identity and it is worth capitalising in on. All of the successful Kick Start Coaches promote themselves,  their business and personal brands and offer Kick Start programmes…  It works really well.


How Many Hours Of Content is there for me to watch.

About 40 hours so LOADS to get your teeth into, get inspired.


Do I need any equipment?

Not initially but I do recommend getting a mic for your phone ($30) so you can create good quality videos if you want to personalise your offerings…But you don’t have to make any videos you can use all of the “done for your content” it’s up to you.


2019 is DEFINITELY the year to build your online business.

Need any help?

Send me a message on Choreographytogo messenger.

Love Rachel 


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