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5 Minute End Of Day Meditation – Brainfit With Rachel Holmes

At the end of a busy day taking 5 minutes to reflect realising all of your wins, feeling gratitude and acknowledging the lessons of the day is a helpful practice to do consistently.   If you teach Group Exercise this is an idea for a simple relaxation for the end of your evening class. Hope

Celebrate Body Positivity

Today We Are Celebrating Body Positivity & Confidence.       Instead of starting another diet today I DARE you to FREE yourself from the  negative mental self chat about reducing the size of your body. Stand STARK naked in front of the mirror and LOVE the beauty of what you see. CHOOSE to eat

5 Minute Brainfit LET GO Meditation

Do you need 5 minutes of mental space during the day? Have you tried meditating and wonder if you are doing it right or not and find your mind keeps wandering? Try 5 minute snackable meditation chuncks using a simple mantra LET GO. And Id LOVE to know if this is helpful to you? Leave

Self Love Sunday

Here is a little daily challenge to help you improve the most important relationship in your life…. Your relationship with YOU! Day 1 Write a positive affirmation and stick it somewhere you will see it A LOT. As your screen saver or on your phone, your mirror when you brush your teeth. Use the present tense and believe it.

Fastest Way To Ultimate Wellness The Kick Start Wellness Newsletter 29th January

 Hi  It’s To The Kick Start Wellness Newsletter In the past, if you wanted to lose weight you would eat more healthily, or follow a plan or sign up to a group Live or Online. If you want to improve your fitness you would focus on moving more every day, join a gym, go to

Be Bold and Brave Today

I love little daily prompts to remind you to live life well. Committing to mental self improvement every day is my absolute passion. I LOVE IT & how it changes your life, your perceptions & how you feel. A daily affirmation, experiencing feelings of gratitude &  meditation brings you back to the moment, enjoying the present & striving to attain your full potential. So what stops you? What

Do you “Feel Fat” ?

“I’m FEELING so FAT!” Are YOU saying that crappy line to yourself right now? How many times a day do YOU say this to yourself? Has it become your constant mantra & affirmation because it is SO ingrained into your brain? The more you say it to yourself mentally, the more you feel those words,

Ideas to change your mood

Have you written a gratitude list…ever or at all? Or not for a long time? Well, as its the weekend I DO like to gently remind AND encourage you just a tad, to kick back & slow it all right down…. It’s most certainly cool to be… Fast Paced Go Getter Driven Committed Cracking On

You are unique don’t forget that

It’s so tempting to do everything as expected. To keep playing the game, going through the motions, & playing small but where does that get you… In the end? It’s not fulfilling, and when you look back its such a waste of your talents, ambitions, energy & inspiration. Letting what others think of you govern

Have you been a people pleaser this Easter?

I hope you have had the most blissed-out Easter bank holiday. EVER. Spending it with all of your lovely friends & family, enjoying Easter roasts & chocolate eggs.   This weekend did YOU get to do what YOU really wanted to do? Or did the old People Pleaser come back into play? It’s so easy