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Self Love Sunday

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Here is a little daily challenge to help you improve the most important relationship
in your life…. Your relationship with YOU!

Day 1

Write a positive affirmation and stick it somewhere you will see it A LOT.

As your screen saver or on your phone, your mirror when you brush your teeth.

Use the present tense and believe it.

Here are a few examples to get you going:

I am proud
I am strong
I am beautiful
I am happy

Use I AM

It’s a daily reminder of how amazing you really are.

Day 2

Take a picture of a bodypart you LOVE about yourself.

It could be your eyes, your ears, your bum, your legs, your arms


Take a picture and I DARE you to post in on social media TAG me when you do!

Day 3


Give genuine compliments, get eye contact with that person and really MEAN it.
Feel a real soulful connection.

Day 4


How many times do people give you a compliment and you just brush it away….

Accept it.
Thank them.
And enjoy it.

They mean it 🙂

Day 5

Are you following the wrong people on social media?

Hide, delete, anyone that makes you feel unhappy or anxious on social media.

Follow people that make you feel happy and positive and motivate you.

Day 6

SMILE at everyone you come across.

Even if you come across negative Noras SMILE and make 1000’s of people happy!

Day 7

Finally get rid of the scales.

It will be a weight off your mind – literally- to finally stop jumping on scales every single day.

No number EVER makes you happy, whatever you get to you always want to go lower.

If you want to have a low vibe then keep stepping on scales every day….

If you want a high vibe every day. STOP.

Day 7

Are you following the wrong people on social media?

Hide, delete, anyone that makes you feel unhappy or anxious on social media.

Can you accept my challenge?

Let me know.

I’ll be on Facebook Live at 8am chatting about self confidence and doing a  positive Brainfit & Fitness Pilates workout for you to try.

Have a fab Sunday

Love Rachel


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