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Do you want to offer weight loss and wellness programmes online?

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Kick Start Online Coach Certification 2019

Education and Business Training For

Forward Thinking Fitness Professionals

Who Want To Offer Online Kick Start Programmes.

  • Do you want to offer real-world nutrition, weight loss and wellness programmes around your existing classes and online?


  • Do you want to offer tried and tested online Kick Start programme using social media and the internet?


  • Use the Kick Start  “done for you” programmes so you can sell them right away online using social media while building your online business and brand.


  • Learn how to create a healthy balanced nutrition programme for weight loss, wellbeing and wellness, using evidence-based principals and research.


  • Understand the latest in womens health and lifestyle issues including Stress, Sleep, Hormones, Menopause, Exercise, Mental Cognition, Nutrition, Mindset and how you can help your clients on a deeper level


  • Business Building – How to create, set up, market your online program using the latest social media methods, systems and strategies.


  • Social Media – Create a social media buzz using the most relevant social media platforms. Understand what is working now and how to spend your time wisely on the platforms giving you the most return.



Gain complete access to successful Kick Start online programmes that you can use right away and build on for your clients including:

* All of my daily videos, tutorials, materials, graphics, workouts everything you need to start right away offering your online programmes.




You can use them as they are or learn from them and create your own version.

Here are the programmes you get access to right away.

  • Kick Start SPRINTER 7 Day SPRINTER * Best Selling Programme*


  • Kick Start SPRINTER  14 DAY SPRINTER 14 daily videos, 14 daily workouts, graphics, shopping lists, menus, dos and don’ts, promotional materials, social media guidance.


  • Kick Start 7 day LIFT LEAN EXPRESS And the 5:2 DIET- Lift Lean is an amazing concept and is working so well online. Gain access to the 7 Day EXPRESS.


  • Kick Start 7 Day Mid Section Meltdown – A brilliant 7 day daily weightlosss with 7 workouts concentrating on the midsection * This was a best selling programme.


PLUS BONUS COURSE – How To Create Your ONLINE Fitness Business worth


What are you looking at earning from Online Kick Start Programmes?


*A 7 day online programme is priced at  £27.

*A 14 Day programme between £37 – £47 and a 21 day programme is £67,

*Elevate is a 12 week programme and guide price is £127 – £147.

Depending on your social media reach and online marketing online groups can attract from 10 to 40 people, you could be running programmes every month. You can repeat the programmes throughout the year as your online business grows.

Each programme has a daily nutritional video and daily workout that you can deliver easily and quickly in a private Facebook group. You can film your own additional workouts and chats to build in your brand and personality.

Having a website to take you bookings is important BUT you can do it without a website initially while you are establishing your business and are keen to get started. You can take your bookings using paypal or bank transfer.

You have exclusive access to all of these programmes which include the daily videos, daily workouts and daily coaching. plus the Instructor Training & Education Course and Kick Start Online Business Builder and How To Create Your Online Business.

You can use all of these videos and training and start offering your own KICK START online programmes or watch all of the videos and recreate your own version of the Kick Start programmes.

To offer online programmes you need to be active on social media – Facebook/Instagram and build up your website traffic and build an email list.

You can market the Kick Start programmes as they are or rebrand, use the material and create your own using your brand and business name.


Send me a message on Facebook.





Kick Start Online Coach Certification

It is important to become a certified Kick Start Coach so you are confident in offering the programmes.

To become a certified Kick Start coach you will complete a case study, an open book exam and put together your marketing plan and strategy for your online launch.


The Kick Start Brand & History.

Kick Start Fat Loss was created by Rachel Holmes is 2007 as an online weightloss programme for Fitness Professionals.  The business was franchised in 2012 with a postcode model and at its peak had over 110 franchisees in the UK, Ireland & Gibralter. Kick Start is evolving again for 2019, how we deliver wellness information is changing, social media is changing rapidly, the internet is evolving, consumer behaviour is changing and the whole Kick Start programme has become evidence-based and more online.

Originally a franchisee owned a postcode or territory enabling exclusivity but this model is no longer relevant in 2019 and hence has been updated.

Current coaches operate the Kick Start programmes online or around their regular classes such as Fitness Pilates, HIIT, Buggy Beat, Yoga, Zumba and this works extremely well.

There are now 2 options to get certified as a Kick Start Coach/Trainer and start offering your Kick Start Online programmes. There is a new “no ties” educational training programme and for those Instructors that want additional business mentoring and more content you can add on business coaching once the course is completed.

You are able to create an income stream that is flexible and works for you. Certify as a Kick Start coach and start to offer the online Kick Start programmes and build a successful additional wellness business around your current classes and fitness business either live or online sessions.


2 Options Available Now 

There are 2 options for the Kick Start Certification Training 2019


Option 1

The above course as a standalone package.

Take the course, get certified, run with it and offer your own Kick Start programmes online.

There are no tie ins, no monthly fees and no additional costs.





Option 2

Kick Start Online Coch Certification Plus Business Mentoring and Monthly Content Updates

Take the Kick Start Certification PLUS 3 months of business mentoring with an option of stopping mentoring after 3 months or continue with the mentoring.

Business and additional content begins as soon as you have completed the Kick Start course and passed.

Monthly Business Mentoring Per Month £127 Sign up for A Minimum Of 3 Months.

Kick Start Business Mentoring Includes:

  • Kick Start graphics and social media content.
  • Weekly Coaching in the Facebook Group from Rachel
  • Weekly LIVE Training on nutrition updates, social media, online
  • Updates on social media advertising, branding, email marketing etc.
  • Business strategy.

Business Mentoring

Before you embark on fitness business mentoring with Rachel you will already need to have these basics in place.

  • A  mobile responsive website.
  • A CRM system – ie Mailchimp/Aweber/ etc and sending out a regular newsletter.
  • Active Facebook Business Page.
  • An Instagram Business account.
  • Be active on social media.



Have a look at the Facebook LIve I did answering all of your questions

CLICK HERE to watch https://www.choreographytogo.com/kick-start-fat-loss/

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