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Kick Start Open Evening Sutton Coldfield Behind the Scenes

On 16th January 2019 Kelly Ravenscroft, Kick Start Coach for Sutton Coldfield, held an open evening with Guest Presenter Rachel Holmes. The evening was a chance for people in the Sutton Coldfield area to come along and get more information on what Kick Start is all about, hear motivational talks, goal setting, health and wellness

Do you lack Iron in your diet?

While the body can store iron, it cannot make it. You need to get iron from food. So, if you’ve been diagnosed with iron deficiency , your doctor may suggest you eat more iron-rich foods. The best source of iron is animal-based foods, especially red meat and offal (such as liver). Chicken, duck, pork, turkey

Meet Natalie Kick Start Coach Gibraltar

Hi I’m Natalie, Kickstart Coach for Gibraltar, mum of 2 young girls and have my own Studio so offering Kickstart alongside fitness Classes is working really well ! Kickstart is the PERFECT nutrition arm to my business and the RESULTS are longterm, the groups are always full of AMAZING women! Can’t wait for ELEVATE in

Meet Paula Kick Start Coach Stockport

Hi I’m Paula, Kick Start Coach for Stockport. I have two boys. I also run fitness classes in Hazel Grove and have been with Kick Start since it started in January 2013. I’m looking forward to running Kick Start Elevate in January 2019 as a live/online programme as well as other shorter online programmes. I

Meet Kick Start Coach Michelle From Thetford

I’m Michelle first and foremost mother and human. By no means perfect but true to my beliefs, a strong presence, a ‘feeling’ to be a voice for others or quite simply to inspire, give hope and empower women. Much of my wellness work evolves around mindset; our thoughts and beliefs. I use an innovative approach

An Interview with Lindsay Kick Start Warlingham

Good morning! Today I have an inspiring new interview with Lindsay, a successful fitness business owner and Kick Start Coach in Warlingham. Lindsay runs an extremely successful business in her area and her launch events are always sold out with loyal followers. We discuss in this interview how 2018 has been and plans for the

New Kick Start Coach Andrea Passes with Flying Colours

A BIG well done to Andrea Gaynor another newly Qualified online fitness, health, wellness and weight loss coach with Kick Start!! Andrea has been one of our followers for a while now and she is a fantastically driven and positive individual- we can’t wait to see what she achieves with her new business👏👏👏👏   =============================

Kick Start Coach Of the Day Sonia Roberts

Sonia Roberts is the owner of Beach Body Studio and Kick Start Denbigh. Sonia opened her own studio one year ago a Personal Training & Fitness Studio located in a unique building in the heart of Denbigh; offering Personal Training solutions, PAYG Fitness Classes & unique Aerial Hoop Body Conditioning courses designed to improve your health, fitness

Kick Start Coaches of the day Kelly and Jay Cambridge

Kelly and Jay are the team behind Kick Start Cambridge. Their club has had some fantastic results, based in Burwell, and offer a large range of classes: Platinum, online Kick Start, Live Kick Start, Fitness Pilates, Mums and Tots, Interval, Body Blitz and much more. Both are fitness trainers as well as instructors and even

Kick Start Coach of the day Lindsay Warlingham

Lindsay is Coach for Kick Start Warlingham Total Body Fitness! Total Body Fitness offers a variety of classes in the Caterham, Whyteleafe and Warlingham areas. TBF offers the ultimate training programme to help you achieve the results you want.Ranging from outdoor and indoor bootcamps, Boxing, HIIT classes, LBT, Fitness Pilates and Yoga.   Lindsay is