Day: April 13, 2018

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Are you stuck in a training rut?

Do you feel a bit “stuck” in a rut, maybe it’s a class, your nutrition, your fitness, or the daily grind & work projects that’s got you swimming in soup. As soon as the sun comes up & the day’s are longer I want to be doing everything & anything other that what I SHOULD

Step Up To Your Potential Today

I keep coming back to that word Potential You can choose to sneak under the radar. Be the people pleaser saying YES to things, situations, circumstances & what other people want you to do. Without giving it much thought, but knowing its not serving you, your core desires or what is really right for you.

Rachel’s Top tips to beat the bloat

From time to time, do you suffer from a bloated, puffy, protruding tummy that is as hard as nails, feels uncomfortable & makes you feel about as attractive as a baby hippopotamus…….? Especially, when you have eaten certain foods? YEP Me to..It’s a nightmare & SO common. It’s often down to food intolerances, so being

Will drinking alcohol ruin my results?

Can I have a drink & not ruin my KSFL Lifestyle? It’s a Friday and a few drinks this weekend, will be hard for many to resist. But, if you have been trying so hard this week & feeling good & positive  with your KSFL Lifestyle It is worth taking a minute to see how far