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Are you stuck in a training rut?

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Do you feel a bit “stuck” in a rut,
maybe it’s a class, your nutrition,
your fitness, or the daily grind &
work projects that’s got you
swimming in soup.

As soon as the sun comes up
& the day’s are longer I want to
be doing everything & anything
other that what I SHOULD be doing!

(if you kind of get me!)

Suddenly the old to-do list
& business building looks
a tad boring & bleak.

I get this overwhelming feeling
that there is SO much more.

Is this you?

Breaking out of a rut can be
scary. In fact so terrifying
that most folk never do:

Most folk just keep doing
the same old shit: same old
routine:same old: same old.

Blah Blah Blah

So, IF what You are doing right now
IS NOT your wildest dreams
come true – then its time to
FOCUS & try something else.

Today, I made a decision to
jack a comfort blanket
project & crack on with
a scary dream.

Don’t let the fear of failure
stop you either.

Let’s do this together!

Here is today’s affirmation

“Today I focus on creating the life
I truly desire”

Let me know what you decide.


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