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Day 4 on  the Weekend Detox is here!!


Daily Protcols

1.Perform Workout

2.Cold shower.

3. 3 High Protein meals spaced out as required. No fruit or starchy carbs today.

4.Workout 2

Bed by 1030pm


How are you getting on?

You may have experienced some real highs and lows over the past few days. It depends on your diet before hand, you probably think you eat really healthy but upon close examination may be eating loads of fruit (high in sugar) & caffeine to keep you going.

It’s not to say fruit is bad. It isn’t. But when on clean eating plan detox  leave the fruit out & then add it back in post workout only.

If your body & brain is addicted to sugar then you will feel a cold turkey style of withdrawal. Maybe you felt out of sorts, cold like symptoms, snuffly, headaches etc

This is really normal & I know it can feel like you are swimming in soup but stay strong drink tons of refreshing water and fruit yeas and it will pass. You then will feel fab once that sugar fog starts to lift. I promise – Stay strong & motivated.

My goal is that you will continue with your Kick Start Fat Loss eating plan as a lifestyle choice and not just for these 5 days.

Once you embark on the KSFL road and fully embrace it you will never look back.