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Day 5 and you are just about there!

Another intermittent fast – Hang in there it’s your final day

Daily Protocols

1.Upon rising workout

2.Cold shower – Are you getting used to then now?

3. Leave 17 – 18 hours since your last evening meal

4. 2 Protein rich meals but add in fruit, nuts or root veggies if required on meal 1 only no later.


Take your measurements again and weight and record your results.

Please share your results I’m dying to know how you got on.


Try and get in another workouts of your choice as well to really get your body burning fat.



What do I do after the 5 days  has finished?

Congratulations for completing the course I know its been intense.

The reason I drip fed the information on a daily basis was so you only had to concentrate on one day at a time. If you had all of the information in one go you probably wouldn’t of done it!

For many of you your body will be detoxified, others may need a little longer.

My suggestions.

Cheat /Treat/Reward Meal
Have a cheat meal at least every 7 days, if you feel you need it more go for 5 days.

Enjoy  something you have really been craving and enjoy every mouthful but be warned you may have a food hangover if the food is rich and sugary. Your cheat meal may even give you an upset stomach as your body is now used to running on good clean and nutritious foods.

Don’t have a cheat/treat/reward DAY only have a cheat MEAL.

Monitor this and see how you feel.


My recommendation is to repeat the 5 days again and really go for it.


How to implement KSFL into your life

I do 2 x 18 hour fasts per week and a full 24 hour fast every Tuesday – Tuesday is my busiest teaching day and I’m away from my desk for the longest time, I sometimes fast when I not teaching but I find it harder when I’m at home all day.

You have to experiment with which days work for you in your week.

Focus on eating good clean and nutritious food that help balance blood sugars and hormones. Get away from snacking and plan 2 or 3 nutritious meals per day – Cooking from scratch use your slow cooker, juicer, steamer to keep those important nutrients packed into your food.

Microwave food changes the molecular structure of food so cook your food slowly with love!

If you need extra energy add starchy carbs  (root veg, fuit, brown rice etc) within an hour of training. (High Intensity)


I still miss a coffee so if you do to go for an organic coffee – Clipper do a nice variety, drink a minimum amount of cups or save it for cheat meal.

Smash the Myths

1: Eating Small and Often is a complete myth.
2: Fasting is a positive – Gives your digestive system a complete rest.
3: Sweet fruits are not a dieters friend – Save fruits for cheat meals
4:Between 18 – 24 hours of fasting is the window you body will burn more fat.
5:You have to drink a minimum of 4 litres of water for a detox to really work.

Good Luck and I look forward to hearing about your progress.

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