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Morning BOOST Recipes from Kick Start

Do you need a real BOOST in the morning? These recipes include super foods and are packed with protein to provide long lasting energy. Try out these great recipes from Kick Start:   ✅For more recipes and an exclusive 15% discount off our online programmes- sign up to the newsletter: Kick Start Newsletter Sign Up

BOOST your energy and transform your nutrition with these top tips

Here are my 10 Steps To  Eating The Kick Start Lifestyle 1. STOP eating sugar or cut it down -including fruit juices and sports drinks that contain HFCS, honey, and agave – the body treats all of these “healthy” sugars AS sugar in the body. Elevating your fat storing hormones, increasing cravings and leading to

Give your Immune system a boost

Did you know that your digestive system accounts for around 70% of your immunity function?! This is why what you eat is so important in building up immunity even in the Summer! Here are our top tips to boost your immunity: 1. Probiotics Eating probiotic-rich naturally fermented foods like sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, or kombucha gives

Food For Fuel Recipes To Boost Energy

🥑👟Recipes to boost your energy!👟🥑 I know you probably hear the term “food for fuel” all the time but it really is all about choosing the right foods to keep your energy levels up and keep you fuller for longer. Healthy and nutritious meals will provide everything your body needs making you feel fantastic –

Super Boost Motivation Time

KSFL Super Boost Motivation To get you skipping out of the door with a summery zing in your step, make sure you eat a high protein breakfast & fit in a quick 10min workout. 1: Here is a quick 10minute HIIT workout for you to do NOW! http://youtu.be/oNH-3I00nU4 2: Take a COLD Shower – YES

Food for thought, food to boost brain power

  Eating healthily is great for your mental health and the brain requires nutrients to work at it’s best. Here are our KSFL Top foods to boost brain power: 1. Oily fish Essential fatty acids (EFAs) cannot be made by the body which means they must be obtained through diet. The best foods to consume are