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Super Boost Motivation Time

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KSFL Super Boost Motivation

To get you skipping out of the door with

a summery zing in your step, make sure

you eat a high protein breakfast & fit in a quick

10min workout.

1: Here is a quick 10minute HIIT

workout for you to do NOW!


2: Take a COLD Shower – YES I said

a cold shower. Turn you back to the shower

head & blast the cold water onto the back

of your neck & upper back.

Studies show that cold exposure can

help burn brown fat. Try a 2minute blast after

your workout. – Let me know how you get

on with that one!

3: Eat a protein rich breakfast.

Ditch your cereals,

toast & 2 sugars in your tea & go for:

Omelets, Fritattas, Green Juices, Stir frys

& eat a lunch style brekkie to regulate

blood sugars & balance your hormones

This is ESSENTIAL for long term fatloss.

4: Take your bottled water with you

& keep sipping though the day.

5: #Braingym Gotta get your head in gear

for maximum results:

Todays affirmation is one of my regular


“Today I choose to eat healthy food”

Take Action #KickStarters

& have a happy, healthy day!

I LOVE to hear from you 😉

LOVE Rach xxx


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