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Raw Berry Chocolate

With Mothers Day just around the corner here is FABulous clean sweet treats recipe to try out. Home made chocolate is so much more healthy than any mass manufactured versions, why not give it a go?     Huge Thanks to Mairi Taylor KSFL Franchisee for Barrow Tweet us if you make it @RachelHolmes

Have You Got A Nutri Bullet Yet?

The UK has gone CRAZY for Nutri Bullets and over at Kick Start we have been blending, mixing & juicing a fab selection of vegetables. Remember GO EASY ON THE FRUIT or you are creating a serious sugar bomb that will increase your waist line in days. It’s all about the veggies people! Perfect for

KSFL Live Launches

The first thing many people ask us when embarking on Kick Start is “What can I eat???” We recommend a detox first to cleanse the liver, the cells and break sugar, wheat & gluten addictions. The body will drop body fat much quicker when these toxic foods are taken out of the diet. At our

Episode 10 – ALL Sugars ARE Equal

All SUGARS – Even So Called “Healthy Sugars & Sweeteners” Are Equal Sugar is a confusing little devil. It sneaks into so much of our food and we don’t even realise it. What is important to understand is that the body treats ALL sugar in the same way. Even the so called “Healthy Sweetners” like

Episode 8 Join the FatLoss Revolution

If you are trying everything: Eating healthy. Training. Going to the Gym but STILL struggling with weight issues then I have the answers for you     Launching the new Kick Start 30 Day Vegetarian Programme   The 30 day Kick Start YOUR Fat Loss Vegetarian Programme by Rachel Holmes   A glossy cover spiral

Episode 5 – Sugar Impact

    The effects of sugar. Its in EVERYTHING so many foods all hidden away and not clearly labelled. For those of you who did my No Sugar September how are you coping with all the chocolates, treats & yummy Christmas food.? Do you just GO FOR IT and eat everything or do you put

Emily Loses 51/2 Stone with Kick Start Online

  Emily Russell (35), from Shrewsbury, has lost 44 inches and dropped 5 stone after joining the Kick Start Fat Loss Online Detox Programme. “After the birth of my second child my life began to get out of control as he was born with a cleft palette.” “The stress of this, plus over indulging so

Going Gluten Free

  We hear a lot of chat about Gluten. A whole food section has developed in supermarkets aimed at those with Gluten intolerances. But how does Gluten affect us? And why should WE all go gluten free if we want fatloss,  be free from health niggles and have improved brain function.   Here is the

Kick Start Fat Loss Basics – Start Right Now

Making big changes to your diet one item at a time could be the best way for YOU to: * Reach your fatloss goals * Get into the best shape of your life * Feel energetic every day. * Banish aches, pains, skin complaints, IBS, migraines, tiredness & fatigue, PMT, * Happy mood & stressfree