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14 day Body Blitz Programme

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Kick Start Fat Loss

Welcome to the Kick Start Fat Loss free 14 day Body Blitz programme


Please post your questions and tell me you are in via the Facebook Coaching group


feel free to ask me any questions you have too!

I’m so excited you are here …. Are YOU ready to rock?

Even though this is a FREE programme let’s go for it and YOU will see amazing results

Please take it seriously and give it your all.


Please watch these VLOGS and then check in with me on the Facebook Private Coaching Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/845793672151353/

Instagram: RachelLHolmes

KickStartFatLoss Snapchat: RachelLHolmes

Have you uploaded your stats?

Let’s DO THIS!

Meal Ideas


Now you have your food sorted…

let’s get started with day 1 and 2!

You FIRST WORKOUT is the Fitness Test Please do this and post your scores on my KickStartFatLoss Facebook Page.
This will keep you accountable YOU will do the test again on Day 7 and Day 14 to see your improvements.

Day 1

Upon Rising Do Fit Test. Cold shower.

3 protein rich meals.
No snacking.

Eggs are perfect for breakfast.

Check the Facebook for meal ideas.

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Day 2 and Day 3

Please do this workout x 2

Day 2

Nutrition 3 meals
High Protein No snacking

Upon rising do workouts x 2
Cold shower

3 meals spaced out how every you need.

Stay motivated and Strong please post and check in over on Facebook!

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Day 3 and Day 4

Day 3

Do the workout above x 2

Bed by 10:30pm

keep posting your food pictures in on my Facebook page.

Day 4 Workout

Day 5

How are you feeling?

Today it’s 3 meals but add in some starchy carbs in meal 1 and 2.

Add some root veggies / brown rice / butternut squash/ parsnips /sweet potatoes

again no snacking /cold if you can

Day 6

We are keeping the carbs really low today so no nuts/seeds/brown rice or root veggie go for lean proteins meats

fish and veggies with 3 meals.

Start the day with a protein rich breakfast of eggs or meat /veggies.

Choose one of the workouts we have done this week and really focus on drinking 2 – 21/2 l of water today.

Morning Routines

1: Upon rising perform a workout above x 2

2: Cold shower

3.Protein rich breakfast

4. 3 meals spaced out however you require

5: High protein day today – keep the starchy carbs out and have only green veggies

Day 7 Half Way results

Today take your pictures, do your measurements & perform the FitTest

Make sure you post your results and scores i the Facebook group

Daily Routine

1: Upon rising do your measurements/photos/weight

2: Fit Test

3: 3 meals adding in starchy carbs in meal 1 + 2 – brown rice/sweet potatoes / Almonds /Macadamias /Root veg etc



GOOD MORNING Team so you are going between 16 – 22 hourse for your full fast.

It’s a big day.

Break your fast with a greens juice or drink then eat a protein rich meal add in starchy carbs such as brown rice/nuts/seeds/ root vegg if you need some

extra energy.

Choose one of the workouts to do and LETS GO!!!


Day 9

Back to 3 protein rich meals and pack in some starchy carbs today

Upon rising perform workout.

Cold Shower

3 meals – Remember no snacking!

Day 10 & Day 11

Day 12

You are doing so well!

Stay Strong here is your workout for Day 12 and Day 13

Got to keep the nutrition on point today

1:Upon rising workouts

2:cold shower (if you can helps burn brown fat)

3: 3 meals adding in some starchy carbs in meal 1 and 2

4: Bed by 1030

Day 13

Intermittent Fast

1: Eat first meal 16 – 18 hours after last meal on Day 12

2: Break with a Green juice / Eat protein rich meal after

3 Only 2 meals today but load up on veggies

Day 14


Please do the Fittest and compare your results

Take photos and measurements

Post in the Facebook Group

WELL DONE you stuck with it, how do you feel?

I would love your feedback so please email Lauren@ksflgroup.com or post on the Kick Start Fat Loss Facebook page and tell me how you did!

I am sure by now you are feeling great results in your health and energy levels as well as the physical changes…

Keep going if you can for another week and make Kick Start your Lifestyle Diet of Choice.

We have so many free resources for you on our Website blog and social media so make use of these or why not jump on to another programme.

If you would like more meal ideas see our range of recipe books HERE.

Thank you for joining us for 14 days and we hope to see you again soon!

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