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When should you eat carbs – for fatloss.

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To Eat Carbs or Not???

It’s the HUGE question that everyone wants to know
& dealing with fatloss on a daily basis I’m
constantly asked & quizzed on my views.

If FAT Loss is your goal – Here are my tips


If you are training for a run/triathlon/endurance
event  your requirements are different.

1: Recognise that all carbs are NOT equal.

2: Vegetables are CARBS – Good carbs in fact.
So even if you give up your bread, pasta, potatoes &
rice as long as you are eating your veggies, you are
getting high quality carbs in.

3: The timings of eating carbs is CRUCIAL.

4: If YOU only have to look at a lovely home baked
bread roll or baked potato to feel bloated & puffy
(thats me!) then you could be carb intolerant.
Only eat carbs post workout
& first thing, but continue to eat your veggies during the day.

5: If you are moderately carb intolerant then again eat
your carbs post workout & starchy carbs should be OK
in this post workout window.

6: Ensure you eat lean protein & high quality fats
with each meal.

7: Go REALLY easy on fruit if your goal is fatloss.
Especially if you are carb intolerant. Load up
on your greens and leave fruit to when you are
on a continuation or maintenance phase of KSFL

8: A great way to manage this is to do your HIIT workout
when you rise & then within an hour have your first meal.

I totally appreciate that this new way of thinking about
fatloss may be quite different & radical to many people.
So, my goal is to help you understand the best
& most uptodate approach to fat
loss & gaining the outstanding results you want.

Please tweet me @RachelHolmes and let me know
what YOU think.

Have a wonderful Saturday

Love Rachel xx

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