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Keeley’s Kick Start Lift Lean Story and how it relieved the effects of HRT

“I joined the latest Lift Lean programme straight after my summer holiday, so it was a great programme for me to jump onto to get back on track. Prior to that 2 months earlier I started taking HRT, I had been backwards and forwards at the doctors for the last 3 years having blood tests,

Sal’s Phenomenal results Lift Lean September

Sal’s story Kick Start Lift Lean “Start weight 10st 9.4lbs End weight 9st 5lbs. 2” lost from bust, 3” from waist, 2.5” from hips and 1” from each thigh. For me this is so much more about weight loss. I am feeling fitter, healthier and I have so much more energy. My clothes fit so

Lift Lean September Brilliant Results

WELL DONE to the #liftlean group who have just completed there 28 day September challenge, we saw some fantastic results and the team stuck with it right to the end, see what some of the team thought : Keeley: “I wasn’t really looking to lose weight, I feel great, feel lots better, feel fitter have

Renata 2 year transformation shows KSFL results last long term

Here is the lovely Renata receiving her WOW certificate from Jay Banks PT KSFL Cambridge after her amazing transformation over the last 2 half years!  Showing again Kick Start doesn’t have to be a quick fix and the results last- with hard work and persistence anyone can make long term changes to transform their health and

Amazing KSFL Lift Lean Results With Fran Orpington

The 28 day Lift Lean Group started at the beginning of August consisting of 28 days weighted and toning workouts with ,Fitness Presenter, Rachel Holmes. The programme was created for people wanting to improve their fitness and tone up with high intensity kettle bell, barbell and dumbbell workouts. The results have been fantastic with Fran Flin being one

Wonderful Comments From KSFL Clubs

We have had some fantastic comments from our KSFL groups this week, read these lovely testimonials from KSFL Sutton Coldfield with Kelly Ravenscroft on their 14 day programme plus a great one from Heather PringKSFL West Somerset: Melanie said I’ve just weighed myself & lost 4.1/2lbs ! Yay go me … happy with that Kelly

Kick Start Cambridge Results Round Up With Coach Kelly

So here at Kick Start Cambridge we have just finished our third Kick Start 14 day body reset programme and this course was unusually all women!  On my last course I had 3 guys but on this June course it was all girls!! Although saying that a lot of them actually cooked the kick start

8 week results stories KSFL Derby with Caroline Hague

Kick Start Derby with Caroline Hague have just finished their 8 week super boost with fantastic results especially on their waist lines, read more: “At the start of the 8 week super boost, the participants were a little mixed in their motivation and mindset. My group was a mixture of working professionals, to mums and

10 Recipes You Can Make in Under 30 Minutes

Time is precious for us all and sometimes we just need HELP to stay on a healthy diet with EASY 10 minute recipes that the whole family can enjoy. Today we have for you 10 recipes that can be made in under 30 minutes:   1. KSFL BURRITO BOWL 2. KSFL COLD SOUP 3. KSFL

Joanne Davis interview on her unbelievable transformation

Joanne KSFL Lowestoft has nearly hit her 5 stone weight loss mark and we are so excited to share her inspiring story and interview with you: “Hi my name is Joanne Davis i was one of the KSFL Lowestoft group, i started back in January i was so angry with myself as when i first weighed