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Wonderful Comments From KSFL Clubs

We have had some fantastic comments from our KSFL groups this week, read these lovely testimonials from KSFL Sutton Coldfield with Kelly Ravenscroft on their 14 day programme plus a great one from Heather PringKSFL West Somerset: Melanie said I’ve just weighed myself & lost 4.1/2lbs ! Yay go me … happy with that Kelly

Kick Start Cambridge Results Round Up With Coach Kelly

So here at Kick Start Cambridge we have just finished our third Kick Start 14 day body reset programme and this course was unusually all women!  On my last course I had 3 guys but on this June course it was all girls!! Although saying that a lot of them actually cooked the kick start

8 week results stories KSFL Derby with Caroline Hague

Kick Start Derby with Caroline Hague have just finished their 8 week super boost with fantastic results especially on their waist lines, read more: “At the start of the 8 week super boost, the participants were a little mixed in their motivation and mindset. My group was a mixture of working professionals, to mums and

10 Recipes You Can Make in Under 30 Minutes

Time is precious for us all and sometimes we just need HELP to stay on a healthy diet with EASY 10 minute recipes that the whole family can enjoy. Today we have for you 10 recipes that can be made in under 30 minutes:   1. KSFL BURRITO BOWL 2. KSFL COLD SOUP 3. KSFL

Joanne Davis interview on her unbelievable transformation

Joanne KSFL Lowestoft has nearly hit her 5 stone weight loss mark and we are so excited to share her inspiring story and interview with you: “Hi my name is Joanne Davis i was one of the KSFL Lowestoft group, i started back in January i was so angry with myself as when i first weighed

Kelly Ravenscroft from Unhappy and Tired To Bright and Bubbly With Kick Start

Our KSFL Sutton Coldfield Coach kelly Ravenscroft shared her own transformation this week and how KSFL changed her life before deciding to help others. 

12 Week Transformation Success KSFL Bromsgrove

The results are in for the KSFL Bromsgrove 12 week transformation group and they are fantastic! Have a read below and see how Nicki’s team found the KSFL programme including ups and downs and light bulb moments!   Fran’s story “Before I started the KSFL 12 week programme I had lost quite a bit of weight

KSFL 12 Week Transformation Results April

Kick Start programmes improve health and wellness through simple nutrition and exercise for all levels, plus 24 hour support from our coaches. We have been seeing fantastic results in our live KSFL Clubs and here are just a few from this week:   KSFL Long Eaton with Tabitha “Amazing results from my vegetarian lady in

Fantastic Results KSFL Cambridge

KSFL Cambridge with Kelly Reed-Banks are now receiving their first set of results from their  12 week kick start body transformation programme. A massive congratulations to these wonderful women: •••Carrie Stearn who lost 16 inches and 1 stone in weight in 6 weeks “Feeling proud 16 inches lost, 1 stone down and dropped a dress size in

Fantastic Results KSFL Redditch 12 Week Transformation

Michelle Waldron KSFL Redditch has shared with us some fantastic results from her 12 week programme. The team transformed their health and wellness as well as reaching their target weights in a full on programme jam packed with support and information. Read their fantastic testimonials below: ALISON Thank you Michelle for the last 12 weeks!