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Elevate online with Rachel Holmes Update

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The Elevate online weight loss and wellness team are doing amazing so far and we can’t wait to share some of these great updates with you:


“Ok, I’m very excited I’ve now just purchased a size 20 jeans. For me who was a 22-24 this is such an achievement.
I’m one who starts diets and never finishes.”


“1kg down this week. Love the rapid fat loss as the IF suits my working pattern.

Have really tried to focus on sleep this week which has made a huge difference.”


“2 legs 1 core. Goals this week:
1. Prep meals
2. 54321 UP!!!!
3. No bingeing at weekend. Allow 1 treat & STOP!
4. Start big work project & aim to complete 1 section by Friday”



“So last week I lost 1kg and 2 CMS from my belly. Belly is the area of focus still as not as toned as I would like.”



“Just did a quick calculation of my steps/mileage I’ve done at work this week!

Steps 112,618
Miles 41.3

Not to shabby 😂”


“So happy! 5lbs off this week so that is a total of one stone since starting in September and 20 1/2” gone! I feel so motivated and love this group so much, it’s been such a help the support is amazing, thank you Rachel and ladies. Now to lose the inches to get me back in a size 12, my weight goal is in the bin as it was another three stone but my body has changed shape so much I am not sure I actually need to lose that much anymore. Liking my muscles that are starting to show 💪”



“I cannot quite believe it, but after 5 days of rapid fat loss week I have lost 7LBS!! I actually got on the scales 3 times because I thought it must be a mistake!”


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