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5 Ways To Beat The Bloat

From time to time, do you suffer from a bloated, puffy, protruding tummy that is as hard as nails, feels uncomfortable & makes you feel about as attractive as a baby hippopotamus…….? Especially, when you have eaten certain foods? YEP Me to..It’s a nightmare & SO common. It’s often down to food intolerances, so being

Spiralized Spaghetti Verde KSFL Style

Have YOU got a Spiralizer as yet? These are AMAZING especially if you miss your pasta while on Kick Start Fat Loss 🙂 Turn your fatburning courgettes into #faux #pasta So tasty  & healthy!   Let me know if you get a Spiralizer & create these wonderful Faux Spaghetti Meals Tweet me @RachelHolmes @KSFLUK Facebook.com/KickStartFatLoss

Moroccan Chicken KSFL Style – Fatburning Meal Ideas

Here is a gorgeous fatburning meal idea for all Kick Starters   Moroccan Chicken KSFL Style   This is such a tasty dish and perfect for everyone doing Kick Start Detox,  Elimination, Maintenance & Continuation plans. Thanks to Andrea Riddoch of KSFL Leeds for this tasty idea! Have a great day! Rachel xx   Do