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KSFL No Sugar Challenge Rules

Join my FREE 7 DAY HOME HIIT Workout Challenge ARE YOU IN? Join my KSFL NO Sugar Monday Challenge Here are the rules for today’s challenge: 1. No sweets, cakes, pastries or obvious sugars! 2. No PROCESSED FOOD – no packets, crisps, jars or ready meals! 3. NO ALCOHOL! No fizzy drinks …just water, fruit

Are You Addicted To Sugar?

What’s your take on sugar?   Do you think your addicted?   Do you experience out of control cravings, that no matter how much will power you have send your driving to the 24 hour TESCO at 11pm for a chocolate fix?   If you stop & go cold turkey find all your can think

KSFL Style Breakfast Granola

For All Your Cereal Lovers If you miss your cereals for breakfast when doing Kick Start Fat Loss then here is a lovely weekend treat. Thanks to Sarah Bragg KSFL Business Owner Have a great weekend Love Rachel xx     Add your email for up to the minute info on KSFL diet & detox,

Feta Courgetta – Clean KSFL Meal Ideas

Feta Courgetta Here is another lovely clean meal idea for all Kick Start Fat Loss Followers   Many thanks to KickStartFatLossLeeds Andrea Riddoch Have a wonderful Day Love Rachel xxx       Add your email for up to the minute info on KSFL diet & detox, Juicing, Fatloss tips, Home Workouts, Positive Self Love,

Be a Tall Poppy

It’s Monday. It’s SUPER SUNNY as well! (Well, it is here on the Notts/Derby boarder) Are you ready to grab Monday by the scruff of the neck & go big? Yes? Very Good. Here’s a little motivation to gently push you in the upwards direction. Take stock of the choices you’ve made in the last

KSFL Brazilian Chicken with Coconut Milk

Get into the Brazilian Spirit with this fab KSFL Chicken recipe idea! Thanks to Sarah Bragg Franchisee Owner for Leicestershire Have you signed up for my FREE 7 Day Fitness Pilates Challenge

Are You Heading Towards Diabetes?

Did you know it’s national Diabetic week?   Kick Start Fat Loss can help.   1 in 3 adults in England are “on the cusp” of diabetes. Data compiled between 2003 & 2011 shows the figures have trebled by 2011. The NHS Is spending one-tenth of its budget on the condition. Is this YOU? Diabetes

Lunch Time Leftover Loveliness

              Heres a super easy, fatburning lunch time leftover idea   So easy to rustle up for a quick, nutritious and fatburning lunch   Thanks to Mairi Taylor of the KSFL in Barrow Have a wonderful healthy happy day! Love Rachel xxx     Add your email for up


Here’s a Super Spicy Scramble Idea for KSFL Brunch Have you signed up for my FREE 7 Day Home Workout Challenge? Have a great day Tweet me If you create the spicy Scrambles! Love Rachel xx

Zingy Cougette Ribbons

Great feedback after yesterdays Spiralizer Faux Spaghetti so here are some more simple ideas for you to try! Zingy Courgette Ribbons KSFL Style     Have you signed up fpr my FREE 7 Day Home Workout Challenge?   Have a great day Love Rachel x Tweet me @RachelHolmes