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5 Ways To Beat The Bloat

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From time to time, do you suffer
from a bloated, puffy, protruding
tummy that is as hard as nails,
feels uncomfortable
& makes you feel
about as attractive as a baby

Especially, when you have eaten
certain foods?


Me to..It’s a nightmare & SO common.

It’s often down to food intolerances,
so being a detective & working out
what doesnt suit you is such a helpful
step in getting a grip on your bloating.

5 Top Tips to Minimise Your Bloating

1:Ditch the Gluten.

Humans find it extremely difficult to digest gluten.
Foods containing Gluten such as bread, cakes, pastries,
pasta are all common causes of bloating.

Ditch them for a week & watch your bloating

2: Ditch the Dairy

Cows milk is another common culprit so
switch to Almond
or Coconut Milk.

3: Eat smaller portions SLOWLY

I know this is such a dull one but it WORKS.

Take your time when you eat & stop gobbling
down your food as fast as possible.

REALLY and I mean REALLY concentrate on the food
you are chewing.

Stop looking at the TV or your phone & enjoy the food,
ensuring you are not overeating.

Eating a huge amount in record time is another
sure fire way to set your bloating going.

4: FRUIT contains SUGAR so Beware.

Do you “think” eating lots of fruit is healthy?

Fruit contains sugar & will create a big spike
in cortisol & insulin secretion (Fat storing hormones)

Often eating fruit will cause the stomach to
Personally, I eat very little fruit concentrating
on eating a wide variety of veggies.

Go easy on the fruit & consume more veggies.

5:Cut the Caffeine Down or Out

Have you ever enjoyed your
Grande Cafe Late
only to look & feel 6 months pregnant
5 minutes later?

The milk  & coffee is the perfect mix
to gain a rock
solid bloated belly, so if YOU really can’t let go
of the caffeine fix go for a black Expresso.

Give these tips a go for 7 days & monitor how
your bloating feels.

I’d LOVE to hear from you so please let me know
how you get on especially if you do suffer
from bloating.

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Have a wonderful day &
hope you are
enjoying the
motivational emails.

Love Always

Rachel xxx

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