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7 Day Meal Plan For Fatburning

7 Day Elevate Meal Plan  To Get Fit & Lose Weight Do you want to see a weightloss result and increase your fitness? Keep it simple this week if you are looking to decrease bloating, inflammation and lose weight/inches. For weightloss, you may prefer a plan to follow to get you back on track and reestablish healthy habits.

5 Day Meal Plan For Weightloss

Keep it simple this week if you are looking to decrease bloating, inflammation and lose weight/inches. For weightloss, you may prefer a plan to follow to get you back on track and re-establish healthy habits. Can you also pinpoint parts of the day/evening where you might emotional or comfort eat? Is it when you experience stressful feelings?

Summer drinks and resisting temptation

We have had some sunny weekends so the temptation of a few drinks is hard for many to resist. But, if you have been trying so hard & feeling good & positive with your KSFL Lifestyle… It is worth taking a minute to see how far you have come before, you sabotage all of your efforts on

What is Kick Start? Learn more in this video.

Have you been seeing all of our results and recipes and been wondering exactly what KSFL is all about… well let us tell you! Just look at some of these results!  

Thursday motivation in the heat

How are you and how are you finding the heat? It’s that CRAZY week of schools breaking up, holidays looming, sports days, leaving junior schools which can all be so stressful…..exciting… scary even. A real mix of energy. Can you feel it ? My motivational chat this morning at 8 will be all about THE

KSFL Ripley coach amazing 4 week transformation

Our new Ripley KSFL Coach, Kirsty, shares her amazing results from her 4 week transformation with Rachel Holmes! How did you find out about KSFL? I have known Rachel  years and always followed what she is up to, I also trained with her in Fitness Pilates and I live round the corner:-) I like many

Kick Start top tips for a good night’s sleep

Every week we ask our knowledgable KSFL Franchisees a question on nutrition and health to answer the KSFL community’s most commonly asked questions. This week’s Wellness Stars question of the week: What are your top tips for a good night’s sleep? Andrea Riddoch KSFL Leeds Don’t eat too late ( at least 3 hours before bed), no

11 tips to Kick Start on a budget

KSFL doesn’t have to cost more money than you normally spend on your weekly shop – in fact it can actually be cheaper, with some forward planning and savvy choices! Here are some ideas, contributed by Kick Starters all over the UK: 1. Plan for the week: Shop & cook in bulk …any leftovers (bits

Is Sleep Contributing To Weight Gain And Food Cravings?

How did you sleep last night? I’ve been talking so much about sleep in my KSFL classes and on the LIVE Facebook broadcasts. It’s staggering to see how many people are so chronically sleep deprived. And this is having a catastrophic effect on your health and well being. Did you bounce out of bed this

Tuesday Motivation from Rachel Holmes

Good Morning! I have just finished my own local Kick Start group and they have all got pretty amazing results 🙂 How are you feeling ? Remember – If you are feeling a bit stuck and lacking in motivation then keep in mind Patience & Persistence. Patience is accepting that your journey may take longer