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7 Day Elevate Meal Plan  To Get Fit & Lose Weight

Do you want to see a weightloss result and increase your fitness?

Keep it simple this week if you are looking to decrease bloating, inflammation and lose weight/inches.

For weightloss, you may prefer a plan to follow to get you back on track and reestablish healthy habits.

Can you also pinpoint parts of the day/evening where you might emotional or comfort eat?

Is it when you experience stressful feelings?


7 Day Plan & Tips Using A Tracking Method



This gives you a basic guide to how many calories your body needs to maintain your current.

*Make sure you set your exercise level at sedentary even if you exercise regularly*

Depending on the result you want, eat in a daily deficit of 100 – 200 calories.

You will need to track your food using an app like MyFitnessPal.

Choose healthy foods and go for 3 meals a day plus snack if it fits into your TDEE deficit.

7 Day PLan Using A Non-Tracking Approach

If you are not tracking calories and prefer a  basic and simple meal plan for weight loss here is a basic plan to follow for the next 7 days.

Intermittent Fast Monday & Wednesday & Friday

3 balanced meals Tuesday / Thursday 

***If Intermittent fasting doesn’t work for you shoot for 3 balanced meals for the week and cut out mindless snacking and nighttime nibbling***


IF Mon/Wed/Fri

12- 1300 Lunch

Chicken/Turkey/Salmon, Sweet Potato , Green Veg

Frozen fruit with Greek Yoghurt.


1800 Dinner

Slow Cooker Meal – Meat and Veg with Rice/


Tuesday and Thursday adding in Breakfast  7/8am

Organic Oats with Almond Milk Topped with Frozen Berries.



Daily 15 minute home workout.

10k steps tracked with Fitbit/Apple watch

2 litres of water – sip through the day.


**Focus **  Habit Reset

*Be aware of emotional eating or nighttime nibbling when not hungry.

*GOALS – 2lbs/4lbs weightloss & inch loss.

*Decrease bloating, inflammation & Brainfog.

*Exercise daily HIIT or TABATA 

*Stick to basic meal plan for 7 days.

*Food shop from ALDI

*Prep for the week.


I hope that helps 🙂 











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