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Recipe Ideas for the weekend from Elevate

We are so excited to be launching our NEW Elevate programme starting in September- it is set to be our BEST YET! We have brand new recipes for this programme so we thought you would like a sneak peek and get some ideas for your weekend cooking:     Do you want to join us

Easy Peasy Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are a great way to get your 5 a day especially if you aren’t keen on eating a plate full of fruit and veg every day.     During the summer when your appetite changes with the heat smoothies can also make a great meal swap- try them for breakfast or lunch and on-the-go

World Cup Party Food

Are you having a party for the football? It is an exciting time for England so get prepped for an easy night ahead… Here are some easy prep ahead recipes to get you inspired:

Going Gluten-Free Is It Just A Fad?

Eliminating Gluten, which includes wheat & anything derived from wheat will be one of THE most life changing things you remove from your diet. Gluten-free may just sound like the latest fad/ trend but there are major health benefits to cutting it out. Gluten causes severe inflammation within the body. If you suffer from joint

Have a Sugar Free Saturday

The weekend is HERE!!! YEAHHHH And we know how difficult it can be to avoid sugar. It’s absolutely everywhere, on everything, it has us surrounded……..   Unless you want to be a hermit,socialising & heading out for food can be a some what tricky…. But not impossible……. Here’s another one of  my famous “Top Tip Lists” to keep you on track in

Easy Football Food From KSFL

Are you watching the football? The chances are you will be gathering with friends to watch the game at the weekend and we have everything to get you prepped for that (not so naughty) football feast!!! Top tips for prepping your healthier footy feast: Keep it simple- there is no point in stressing and most

Brilliant Beetroot The Health Benefits and Recipes

Beetroot is high in immune-boosting vitamin c and essential minerals like potassium (essential for healthy nerve and muscle function) and fibre. They also contain the B vitamin folate… what more reason do you need to eat beetroot??? Check out these great recipes:    

Why Juice?

😋At Kick Start we are great lovers of juicing for a number of reasons: 🥑Juicing allows you to increase your intake of green vegetables without piling your plate high. 🥑They are perfect for on the go- breakfast/lunch/snack. 🥑They are a fun to make so get the kids involved! 🥑They are a great way to stay

Lunch On-The-Go Recipes For The Busy Person

Do you live a super busy lifestyle and struggle to fit in a HEALTHY lunch? We are here to help with these on-the-go recipes- prep ahead if you can !

When should I eat carbs?

To Eat Carbs or Not???     It’s the HUGE question that everyone wants to know & dealing with fatloss on a daily basis I’m constantly asked & quizzed on my views. If FAT Loss is your goal – Here are my tips BUT If you are training for a run/triathlon/endurance event  your requirements are