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Every week we ask our knowledgable KSFL Franchisees a question on nutrition and health to answer the KSFL community’s most commonly asked questions.

This week’s Wellness Stars question of the week:

What are your top tips for a good night’s sleep?


Andrea Riddoch KSFL Leeds

Don’t eat too late ( at least 3 hours before bed), no alcohol, warm bath, pukka night time tea, magnesium supplements and bed by 11pm ( ideally 10.30 but that’s difficult in my house).


Tracy Harrison KSFL Plymouth

Prepare my lunch ready for the next day, answer my emails, watch some TV to wind down after a manic day at work. Have a mug of organic herbal tea, set my alarm and off to sleep I go……. My mind isn’t working overtime because I’ve answered emails, not worrying about lunch because it’s all prepped ready and no caffeine to keep me alert. Blinds and curtains are closed too so it’s nice and dark…


Sarah Hogan KSFL Lincoln

I’m a huge fan of magnesium. Since taking it and using a spray I sleep so much better.
Also cutting out the sugar has a huge difference to my sleeping patterns!


Paula Thompson KSFL Stockport

When I am home from teaching pj’s on, prepare/plan breakfast and lunch for my boys and I, sort out uniforms, make sure boys are organised for school next day, camomile tea, trying to turn my phone/laptop off by 10 pm, magnesium spray and trying to meditate before I go to bed. Bed by 10 .30 pm easier said than done.

Samantha Quirk KSFL Jersey

No exercise post 7pm, bed by 10.30pm- need to get into a routing bedtime as we all tend to wake up at the same time don’t we? And just think what you do with your babies, bath, bottle, bed right? So for us, maybe a warm bath with some essential oils (lavender is s good choice) , cup of herbal tea or clean chocolate, and bed!!!
Room sprays are a good option along with Bach flower remedy if you are struggling!

Rachel Holmes top tips:

1: Turn OFF everything – electric, phones, TV
stand by mode.

has to be off.
Electronic devices transmit
signals and your brain will pick up on these leaving
your body rested but your mind still reacting
to the phone.

2: SLEEP in pitch black.

This is a hard one for me as I love to wake up
with the daylight streaming in through my window
but recent bouts of intense
insomnia has put paid to this practice for me.
Invest in black out blinds.

3: Leave a good 3 / 4 hours after eating
before you go to bed.

You really need to have all the food in your
system digested well before
you retire for the night.

4:If you can’t stop your brain going
over ideas and conversations and events
etc then try and read fiction before you go to sleep.

5: Eliminate screen time an hour before bed,
so no looking at iPhones
or ipads which keep the brain alert & active.

6: Sleep naked or a sleep wear only for bed
This is a new one on me but I read some great
research that if you wear gym style clothes for bed
your brain will think you are going to work out
at any moment
it won’t completely power down.

Makes sense.

7: Eating Kick Start style is key.

Good fats and good carbs aid a restful nights

8: A Supplement that can help sleep is

Go for 600mg per day split it up
and take with your
3 meals.
You will see a difference almost immediately.

I hope you found this post helpful.

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