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A KSFL Beginners Guide to Detoxing

Now the kids are back at school it is all about taking back that all important ME TIME.  Do you feel like you need a detox but don’t know where to start? We are exposed to an increased amount of chemicals and toxins daily and your immune system may be feeling weak and tired- time

KSFL Challenge Detox day

Today we are challenging you to DETOX with our green recipes of the day- are you in? Tag us in and use the hashtag #ksflfood Breakfast Lunch Dinner

MIND BODY Reboot at the beautiful Champney’s Springs

Have you lost your way with your nutrition? Are you struggling to workout and find time to exercise? Do you need help with your mindset and motivation? Do you keep self-sabotaging your health progress? Would you love to know how to make amazing Raw Food? If you need a reboot and a reset after SUMMER join

Healthy Eating Bank Holiday Recipes

Happy Bank Holiday weekend once again!  We have chosen some family friendly Kick Start recipes to make your weekend as easy as possible. These are great fun to make with the kids too 🙂 Please share your #BankHoliday cooking pics with us @KSFLUK />

Start Your Day With A Detox Blend

This is the PERFECT way to start your day and all you have to do is throw in the ingredients and whizz it up. This one comes with a warning- watch the amount of beetroot and broccoli you put in as both of them have very strong detoxifying effects on the body – so for

How To Learn To Love Your Food

Have you ever noticed some days you feel so driven to whip up a delicious green juice for breakfast and make a fantastically healthy pack up yet others wake up and think ANYTHING EASY WILL DO? This is typically when we are feeling stressed/anxious or depressed, we almost go on auto pilot! We don’t always

Christabelle has lost 14kg with KSFL so far and shares her top tips to taking control

Christabelle has worked so hard at KSFL Gibraltar in hitting her targets and feels amazing. Hear Christabelle’s story below: So why did I start doing KSFL in Feb 2016.My 50th birthday was coming up in August and I was generally unhappy with my weight. I was trying to juggle work, studying, social life, housework etc

Table Salt vs Sea Salt what is the difference?

There is so much salt on offer in the shops it can feel like a minefield. Sea Salt, Rock Salt, Table salt… the list goes on. Ditch the table salt… Traditional “table salt” is extracted from the rocky under layers of the earth through salt mining. Once mined, it’s taken through chemical and high-heat industrial

Summer drinks and resisting temptation

We have had some sunny weekends so the temptation of a few drinks is hard for many to resist. But, if you have been trying so hard & feeling good & positive with your KSFL Lifestyle… It is worth taking a minute to see how far you have come before, you sabotage all of your efforts on

Tips to succeed when embarking on your detox

My online Kick Start group have all completed the detox and got through it successfully with amazing results. It may seem a scary word “DETOX” but actually it just takes a little preparation and knowledge of how you can expect to feel… after you get through the hard bit you will feel full of energy,