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Have you lost your way with your nutrition?

Are you struggling to workout and find time to exercise?

Do you need help with your mindset and motivation?

Do you keep self-sabotaging your health progress?

Would you love to know how to make amazing Raw Food?

If you need a reboot and a reset after SUMMER join me on my epic retreat day in partnership with Champneys Springs in Ashby

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Once again I will be partnering with CHAMPNEYS SPRINGS in Ashby for the 4th Kick Start Transformation Day. With all new sessions and guest presenters.

This will be a very exclusive day with myself and amazing presenters – Jayne Nicholls, Nicola Buckley & Andrea Riddoch.

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We will be taking you through amazing life changing sessions in this very beautiful resort.

FRIDAY 8th September 2016

8.30am – 5.30pm

Venue: Champneys Springs

Ashby de La Zouch, Leicestershire

The three previous events sold out and this time I have arranged new transformational sessions for you to experience. Book now for £97 + VAT before we sell out!

Schedule for the day:

Welcome & Morning Motivation Talk with Rachel Holmes

Y O G A Class with Jayne Nicholls

Yoga, Breathing and Meditation class to start the day.

H E A L T H  &  W E I G H T L O S S Talk with Rachel Holmes

All the very latest information and research on How to lose stubborn weight and keep it off in 2017 Begin your journey, Nutrition, Hormones, Fatloss, Gut, & Maximum Health & Vitality Talk. Together we create a plan for you to take home.

M I N D Talk with Nicola Buckley

How To Stop Self-Sabotaging, how to LOVE yourself and the keys to understanding happiness. Starting with your brain for long term transformation.

F O O D  Workshop with Andrea Riddoch

Kick Starts resident amazing chef/cook and home baker. Raw Food For Beginners Workshop.Learn how to make Raw Cookies, Raw Soup, Crackers and so much more in this fun foodie workshop.

E X E R C I S E Class with Rachel Holmes

Beautiful flowing Holistic Conditioning exercise class and Fitness Pilates sessions.

This will be a life changing transformational day.

Healthy Lunch and refreshments are included plus use of Springs Facilities.

Every session will arm you with tips & tactics to live a healthy happier lifestyle using the Kick Start principals.

** Want the VERY Latest nutrition & health information.
** Want to understand how to create Raw Food.
** Experience beautiful classes.
** Need help with mindset and motivation.
** Need rejuvenating.

Work with me personally in this exclusive day at Champneys Springs!

The FULL DAY Price is £97 + VAT including lunch and refreshments.

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You don’t have to attend Kick Start classes to attend so please book on with your friends!

If you would like to stay over at Springs let me know and I will be able to get you a discounted rate.

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