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Have you ever noticed some days you feel so driven to whip up a delicious green juice for breakfast and make a fantastically healthy pack up yet others wake up and think ANYTHING EASY WILL DO? This is typically when we are feeling stressed/anxious or depressed, we almost go on auto pilot! We don’t always LOVE our food and this is how we can make some positive steps to change our mind set.

Here is how to love your food and stay that way:


•Take time to listen to your body, what does it want and what will be healthy and nourishing?

•Use a food and mood journal to track how you feel when you eat certain things and plan ahead; you will soon notice correlations between stress levels and what you choose to eat.


•Find new ways to treat yourself instead of reaching for bad foods such as scheduling some relaxation time, meeting a friend or trying a new hobby?

•Prepare your meals in a positive mind set so you will be able to make the right decisions.
•Be thoughtful in what you are making and be creative so you begin to love what you are eating.


I hope you found this post helpful today!

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