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Kick Start Open Evening Sutton Coldfield Behind the Scenes

On 16th January 2019 Kelly Ravenscroft, Kick Start Coach for Sutton Coldfield, held an open evening with Guest Presenter Rachel Holmes. The evening was a chance for people in the Sutton Coldfield area to come along and get more information on what Kick Start is all about, hear motivational talks, goal setting, health and wellness

Is a lack of sleep halting your weight loss progress?

Are you getting enough Sleep? You are super busy. Check? You are trying to lose body fat. Check? You are doing your HIIT workouts. Check? Cooking from scratch? Buying high quality food and locally sourced products? YEP. YEP & Double YEP. But talk to me about your sleep? It;s A MASSIVE component in your quest for fat loss,

Develop a Positive Attitude for a Happier Life

Negative thinking is wasted energy. How do you correct negative thinking patterns and develop a positive attitude? Everyone wants to be around a POSITIVE person – a feel good friend- not a worry wort. If you’re prone to imagining the worst or thinking things will never improve, your negative attitude may turn people off who

Lift Lean With Rachel Holmes April Group Results

After 21 days Lift Lean with Fitness Presenter Rachel Holmes; the results are coming in from the group. Lift Lean is a weight based workout focusing on toning and building strength combined with a 5:2 nutrition programme. For 21 days Rachel Holmes works with a team online to coach and motivate, with new daily workouts,

Have you done dry January?

Hi, have you done dry January this month? How have you done so far- only one day to go! If you have made it this far then I imagine you are feeling fantastic Or maybe you don’t feel any different? You may have experienced; better sleep, reduced cravings, weight loss- better health? I think dry January

Are your dreams suffering?

There’s nothing quite like a good dream but unfortunately, dreaming is becoming a lot more scarce, according to what one doctor is calling a “dream deprivation” epidemic. This then leads to health issues. A severe lack of sleep is silently leading to many health issues, from diabetes and obesity to depression. There are the obvious problem-causers, alcohol

My story Magnesium

My story…. I struggled with sleep for many years and the repercussions for the lack of it. Waking up every hour in the night and feeling drained by the morning. —Do you feel like this? You don’t have to struggle- it is actually SO simple to fix. As soon as I started taking Magnesium supplements

The importance of a good night’s sleep when trying to lose weight

How do you sleep?? Along with following the KSFL way of eating combined with HIIT workouts, enough sleep is a big rock ! Being sleep deprived can increase your appetite and encourage you to make worse decisions when it comes to your diet. Here are some of our top tips for better sleep: •Make sure

Try My New Rotational Nutrition Plan

For January I have ramped up the Elite 35 + programme with a new nutritional protocol. On top of working on the BIG ROCKS every day I have written a simple rotational food plan that we are using as a guide this week. The BIG barrier for anyone struggling with diet and exercise is usually stress.

5 Reasons You Are Feeling Tired

Do you have a serious lack of energy? Not just in the morning but in everything you do? There are so many reasons you could be feeling fatigued and it isn’t just your sleep. 1. Your adrenal glands The hormone-releasing glands may be small, but they are so important in managing your energy levels! Have a