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My story Magnesium

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My story….

I struggled with sleep for many years and the repercussions for the lack of it.
Waking up every hour in the night and feeling drained by the morning.

—Do you feel like this?

You don’t have to struggle- it is actually SO simple to fix. As soon as I started taking Magnesium supplements before bed it was a game changer- I slept through the night! If you don’t believe me ask the many people who have also turned to magnesium supplements and try it for yourself.

Here are some comments from our Kick Start online group:

Lourdes: “I highly recommend them!”

Maria: “Keep myself well stocked up on these Rachel Holmes, they are helping me sleep so much and my mom takes them too now and it helps her. Thank you for your continued effort to improve our lives.”

Tina: “I recommend magnesium to everyone. It’s especially amazing for cramp.”


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