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We are delighted the results are in from our Elevate online with Rachel Holmes programme!


The team have worked so hard and learnt so much in over their Spring Elevate online programme with Rachel Holmes.

The 12 week programme aims to Elevate all areas of your life with mindset coaching, workouts, nutrition and motivation from Fitness Professional of over 30 years Rachel Holmes.

The results you can expect:

Improve your health – energy – vitality – productivity – body – sleep – emotional health, physical health, intellectual health.  ELEVATE your Mind and Body.

We are so proud of the Spring Elevate group and want to say a big THANK YOU for being so amazing x

Here are just some of the great results:



“Well ladies, going to miss you on this group, you’ve all been fantastic I’ve really enjoyed being part of another Elevate programme, it’s brilliant! Disappointed that I went off piste this last 2 weeks but prior to that I’m happy to say that I maintained my goal weight and on the rapid fat loss weeks I actually went a few pounds under the 8 stone mark which I honestly never dreamed of. Ive now maintained my goal weight since Oct (give or take a few pounds over Xmas) but find it easy to reign it back in with a few IF’s 😃 I also feel I am much more chilled out and don’t let little things stress me out as much 😊 Have just weighed and measured and yes still 8 stone and dropped another 4cm from mid section. 
Thanks again to Rachel for all the fab workouts and everyone for the support and motivation. I’m away again for Easter weekend but hopefully see a few of you on the new group next week. Helen 😍”

:🎉Dog walked
🎉Kettlebell Tabata x 1
🎉Last sweaty selfie in ELEVATE 2019!!!
We’ve done it – well done girls!! 👍🏻🎉
I’ve achieved what I set out to achieve. I feel healthier, I’m more toned, I’ve lost 10lbs, I’m in control of my eating/drinking and I feel FABULOUS!!!!
Thank you Rachel Holmes, thank you girls for your support and motivation.
Good luck with the rest of your journey.
I’m moving into the new KICK START SUPER GROUP – see some of you on the other side!!!😁😜”


Good morning everyone. I had promised myself I would post frequently in the Group but life got in the way and I failed miserably. I have had an amazing 14 weeks though and wanted to share a quick summary.
Fairly quickly into the start of the programme I switched from weight loss goals to health goals. I took Rachel’s advice to work on one thing at a time. The first month I focused on water and moved up from 2 to 3 litres per day which I now find so easy, yet struggled with last year. I then worked on fibre intake and doubled my daily fibre over the course of 6 weeks. Finally I moved onto diet and gut health and have radically switched what I eat introducing far more variety than I have managed in the last 20 years! I have cut out meat completely and am now a confirmed pescatarian. I love it! It has made me feel 100% better. I feel lighter and not bloated at all and my skin looks and feels great.
I wasn’t tracking weekly weight loss but over the weeks I’ve lost a stone anyway. That’s on top of the 10lbs I lost on Elevate 2018. I had an incident at IFS a few weeks ago where I started to do a dance class on a Sunday morning and my favourite leggings that I was wearing wouldn’t stay up!!! I had to go back to the B&B and get changed! They were the most expensive leggings I’ve ever bought but it was a strange sense of satisfaction
I have also worked on my environment and have decluttered a massive amount of excess baggage from my flat. Still quite a way to go but I’m minimising what goes to landfill so it takes a lot of time to bag up and drop off as I don’t drive. My new rule is that when I leave the house I take something with me which isn’t coming back! It really and truly has an amazingly positive effect on your mindset.
In my work life I just accepted a new contract role which will see me spending most of my time out in Asia for the next 12 months so I’m super excited about that. I just feel extremely positive and happy.
Thank you for everything Rachel. I’ll be continuing to work on myself. As you rightly say, the journey never ends. Next focus for me is core strength and flexibility.
Congratulations to everyone and best of luck in your future endeavours


So this is the BEST feeling ever!!! I never took measurements because I didn’t want to know my size but I’m so glad I took pictures. I took my own pictures because i was so nervous of my other half actually seeing what’s underneath my clothes (he wouldn’t of cared anyway). Since January I have lost 30lbs. I’m so proud of myself for sticking with it this time as I normally give up after 2 weeks. Everything has gotten smaller and I love it!!! Same clothes in both pictures


Morning, w/o’s done. Measurements are in total 8lbs lost (still want to drop more) 14.5inches gone, again a few more to go. Especially round tum area. Really enjoyed it can’t to carry on. See you on the other side lol.. think doing mid section and maybe sprint? Is that a good way to do it Rach? Ta xx b4 and after. Excuse the face and hair, bed hair lol


Hello. Here’s my pics. 1st Sept, 2nd Jan, 3rd today.
Not been focused too good since my birthday February. Glad I decided to do the pics and measure today to open my eyes to what my unfocus is creating. Up 5lb since my birthday. Measure roughly the same.
Thanks for the support Rachel and everyone. 💓


Thank you Rachel Holmes and Elevators for an amazing three months.
8Kg lost overall (although wiggled a bit this weekend)
Mindset hugely better and I now recognise the stressors.
Will post pics tomorrow when I”m back home but will really miss this group. You have been one of the most inspiring so thank you for your support over the past 12 weeks.
Looking forward to continuing the journey with the Kick Start Members Group.. Hope to see you over there!


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