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Are your dreams suffering?

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There’s nothing quite like a good dream but unfortunately, dreaming is becoming a lot more scarce, according to what one doctor is calling a “dream deprivation” epidemic. This then leads to health issues.

Rachel Holmes KSFL

A severe lack of sleep is silently leading to many health issues, from diabetes and obesity to depression.

There are the obvious problem-causers, alcohol and sugar, in addition to others like prescription medications, light from your phone, and laptop, which can all disrupt REM sleep. Even alarm clocks are culprits, often interrupting your dreams right when things start getting exciting!!

So what can we be doing to stop this? Kick those shut-eye-stealing factors out of your life. Keep stress as low as possible aiming for 8 hours and allowing your body a little more time to rest in the mornings.

Cut down your computer/ phone usage in the evenings and get into a sleep routine to ensure you get QUALITY nights sleep.

Will you take the challenge for your health?



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