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After 21 days Lift Lean with Fitness Presenter Rachel Holmes; the results are coming in from the group.

Lift Lean is a weight based workout focusing on toning and building strength combined with a 5:2 nutrition programme. For 21 days Rachel Holmes works with a team online to coach and motivate, with new daily workouts, recipes and protocols, to produce the best weight loss and wellness results. Results include reduced stress, better sleep, more energy, less bloating and a boost in confidence…. Here are some of the team’s results so far…



“From a fitpro point of view, loved the change to eating daily and it was easy to fit round classes. Struggled to fit in extra workout in top on classes sometimes. But nutrition wise I found this really easy to follow and fit around teaching.”

“Feeling happy. 7.5 inches lost. 3lb lost.
I haven’t actually lost that much weight but I feel a lot less bloated and can fit in some of my pre preg clothes.
Also I was surprised that I haven’t lost much off my arms as they seem to have changed the most.
Could have done better if I didn’t have 5 days of non exercise due to laryngitis but I’m still pleased I continued.
Sleep is better and mind set is better, so that’s good too.”


“Morning ladies ! I’ve lost 12 inches in total and 8lbs. Absolutely thrilled !
As I’ve also had a few relaxed eating days! bring on next week.
Well done everyone. And thank you so much Rachel Holmes for all your help and support. By far the best ever weight loss/mind/workout plan I’ve ever done. xx”

“21 day Results- 13lbs off- 7 inches off
I’m very happy with these results but even more happy with how I am FEELING!! My confidence, my self belief, my mood, my whole outlook and how I feel about being me!!
Oh gosh…. Getting a bit emotional typing this 🙈
But I feel so happy and grateful and this group came along at just the right time for me!!
Thanks a million Rachel and all of you 😘
Have a great day everyone x”


“Results from the last 3 weeks are:
-Weight 2lbs loss- Inch loss 5.5″
I’m very happy with the results.  👍
I was really shocked about my painful hand this last week! Dr is referring my for tests. It feels much better, no pain, so got to keep moving.
When blips in our health stop us exercising, its easy to feel sorry for ourselves and just eat!! But thankfully l an beginning to think differently about the long-term reason for what we’re doing this for. A healthy life. 
Have a great day everyone. Im back on it. Yeah!!!!🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷”

“Have lost 8.5lbs and 10 inches in last three weeks and pleased with that.”

“21 days later – 5lb lighter, 6.5” smaller – still a work in progress!♀️”


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