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Menofit™Newsletter 16th August 2022

Menofit™Newsletter 16th August 2022 Good Morning, SIGN UP TO THE MENOFIT NEWSLETTER HERE Welcome to the MenoFit™ Newsletter sharing info, tips, fitness and health around Menopause written by Rachel Holmes. 30 Minute Target Zone Strength Training Workout. I filmed and recorded a  30 minute Strength Training workout called The Target Zone you can do at home.

Shoulder Exercises To Do In Menopause

Shoulder Exercises To Do In Menopause   Are you struggling with an exercise programme to do in the gym? If you are in the Menopause and want to start strength training here are key exercises to do for your shoulders. To effectively train the front, middle and read head of the shoulders there are 3

2 Healthy Tips To Lose Weight During the Menopause

2 Healthy Tips To Lose Weight During the Menopause Are you Peri Menopausal, going through the menopause or Post Menopausal and struggling with your midsection weight gain and poor nutritional habits? Try my 2 Healthy Tips To Lose Weight During the Menopause! Need more help? Join my 14 Day FREE Challenge where I’ll be posting

Women’s Health Sale will launches Friday 25th February

Women’s Health Sale will launches Friday 25th February Grab some great prices this week in our women’s health sale! Menopause Bundle https://www.kickstartfatloss.net/product/menopause-webinar-bundle/ Reduced from £70 to £27 Webinar 1: Womens Wellness, Nutrition and Menopause Webinar. Webinar 2: How To Create an Online Health and Fitness programme For Midlife/Women during menopause. Webinar 3: Weightloss and Nutrition

Davina McCall Joins group Menopause Chat

Did you happen to watch: “Davina McCall: Sex, Myths and the Menopause” On channel 4 12th May 2021? It was a great show that really started the conversation back up about the important subject of MENOPAUSE…. something we have talked about for a long time but doesn’t seem to get much traction! Well following this

What to eat during Menopause

What you eat and limiting your exposure to synthetic oestrogen can make a real difference when trying to manage the symptoms of menopause. What to eat to ease the menopause… The power of plants Phytoestrogens are plant nutrients that mimic the effects of oestrogen in the body and are useful in the early years of menopause. That said,

MASSIVE LAST DAY OF APRIL SALE Women Health Programmes 50% off

Do You Want To Offer Online Women’s Health Programme? MASSIVE LAST DAY OF APRIL SALE  Women Health Programmes 50% Codes  Code Valentines 50% Discount  Menopause and Nutrition How To Create A Common Sense Nutrition Programme    https://www.kickstartfatloss.net/product/how-to-create-a-common-sense-nutrition-plan-for-your-online-programmes/   Menopause In The Pandemic – How To Create A Modern Health & Fitness Programme for Mid Life

Rachel Holmes Studio LIVE Updates

Rachel Holmes Studio LIVE Updates I have been running the Rachel Holmes Studio Live membership since way before lockdown. It started life as a Kick Start group but has been my main workout and nutrition group for many years. I now teach 5 Live classes every day at 630am – 7am, and every class is


Hello, 7 Day Whats App Kick Start. Join the latest. LIFT LEAN ABC STARTS MONDAY LIFT LEAN 7 DAY ABC Abs Back Core £20.00 Are you ready for a kick start weightless plan and home workouts that concentrate on your Abs Core & Back? Join Rachel Holmes International Presenter and Creator of the Online Lift

Fancy coming to YOGAFIT Retreat In IBIZA ls Free Fitness Challenges

Kick Start Women’s, Wellness, Weight loss & Workouts FROM RACHEL HOLMES STRESS REDUCTION & FUN.   Hello  Over the last few months, I’ve been sharing a ton of Menopause info.  I’ve run free whats app challenge group to help you get fitter, recorded podcasts on getting back on track, accountability and lots of Facebook Live