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We have had some sunny weekends so the temptation of
a few drinks is hard for many to resist.

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But, if you have been trying so hard &
feeling good & positive with your KSFL Lifestyle…

It is worth taking a minute to see how far
you have come before, you sabotage all
of your efforts on a boozy weekend.

Not wanting to be a kill joy and all that…..

I’m arming you with the Alcohol & Fatburning facts.
Then you can make the right choices for you.

The Science.

The effect of alcohol on fat storage is very
similar to that of carbs:
by suppressing fat oxidation, it enables
dietary fats to be stored
with ease.

However, while conversion of
carbs to fat may occur
once glycogen stores are saturated, DNL via
alcohol consumption
seems less likely.

In a nutshell:

If you want to maintain a lean body avoiding
alcohol is a good choice.

It’s not just the added calories

(alcohol offers seven calories per
gram compared to carbs & protein,
which contain four each).
Alcohol affects metabolism because when you
drink it, the body puts all other
metabolic processes on hold until it has
processed the alcohol.

Basically your body stops burning fat!

Your body can’t convert the calories
from the alcohol to fat, meaning it needs to use
them up, & will delay
all other fat burning & energy use
until the alcohol has
been processed.
Drinking alcohol affects your hormones as well,
increasing cortisol and modifying steroid metabolism
in the liver.
Not Good…..

On the up side, moderate alcohol consumption is linked to a decreased risk of diabetes, and red wine is well known for containing resveratrol, an antioxidant that has been shown to delay aging and decrease chronic inflammation. Although alcohol is thought to increase insulin sensitivity, remember it temporarily paralyzes the liver and other metabolic processes, an effect that is not good for weight loss or maintenance.

Drinking Alcohol

1:Greatly increases your daily calorie intake.
2:Massively spikes cortisol.
3:Greatly increases sugar consumption so
you will crave carbs & sugar the following day.
But Rachel I’m going to a party on Saturday
& I want to enjoy a drink?
Of course you do and why not.
Here are some strategies to help you.

1:Make the night of the party your cheat meal.

2: Choose triple distilled Vodka like Grey Goose or
Bombay Sapphire Gin with a slimline tonic mixer.
3: Choose Dry White Wines & spritzers – Dry being defined as
less than 1.4 % residual sugar.
4:Drink spritzers or follow every drink with a glass of water.
5: On the day of your party eat a protein rich breakfast, lunch & dinner.
6: Drink Green Tea through the day before you drink alcohol.
7: Take your usual supplements.
8: Eat a protein rich breakfast & a greens
drink the following day to
minimize carb & sugar cravings.

Quick Facts

Those extra calories have to be burned immediately, putting on hold everything else.
The body can’t store alcohol, so it has to use it up first. All the other metabolic processes- i.e. the metabolizing of fat and glucose- have to be put on hold while the body gets rid of the alcohol.

Alcohol turns off fat burning at the cellular level

And according to Dr. Gil Wilshire, head of the prestigious non-profit organization the Carb Aware Council in Washington, D.C.,

“Alcohol- even though it doesn’t have many carbs of its own-
acts as a kind of super carb in the body. It has almost twice the
calories of carbs and it can depress growth hormone
production”, he says.

So all in all a little depressing but if you stick to Vodka & Spritzers
the occasional drink wont sabotage your fat loss just ensure
you eat your protein rich meals before and after.
Beware of Drinking after KSFL Detox
After you have completed the KSFL Elimination
I wouldn’t encourage you to go on a huge bender unless
you want the hangover from hell for at least 3 days.

Your body is clean & will treat the alcohol as a
poison potentially making you vomit and worse!
Is It Worth it???
Go easy and tread carefully.
Remember alcohol makes you lose your inhibitions
& you might not need much encouraging to hit the chip shop,
kebab shop or 24 hour Asda for god knows what else.

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