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Have You Caved?

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Hows your nutrition going today?

Are you eating clean, banished
the sugar, drinking clean fresh water
& loading up on the seasonal
green veg?

Did you start your day with a
healthy protein rich lunch style

What about your HIIT Workout
did you “SMASH IT”


^^^^^^^^Has your “inner terrorist” fired
that machine gun &
sent you hurtling down biscuit
& cake street & into a negativity highway?

Putting it bluntly….

Have you caved?


If that happened it’s really interesting
to work out the triggers.

You jump out of bed with the
best of intentions.

You do your affirmations.

You aim to think & be positive.

We know we want to look &feel
at our very best.


Do we self sabotage ?

Take a minute to think back to past situations
when you did just that.

Was it an emotional trigger –

Was it peer pressure?

Was it an insatiable craving?

The best policy is to identify the trigger:

Write a note in your phone & for future be aware
when you are in  a similar situation

or Avoid said situation.

Try not to terrorise yourself if it does

Accept it

Learn from it

& Move on

Back into your healthy mindset
& nutrition.

We are all work in progress
& you do begin to understand
what really makes you tick
when faced with the
“internal terrorist”

Bring yourself back to the present
with easy mediation & get right back
on the wagon.

See “caving in” as a lesson


a failure.



Have a wonderful Tuesday
Love Rachel xx



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