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Are You Up For Celebrating?

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Often we get so focused with
THE BIG plans, dreams, goals,

To open that
Studio/Gym/Business/Coffee shop/Restaurant…

To  attain your desired
Body/Fitness/Flexibility/Strength/Energy levels……

To move to LA/Cannes/Barbados/Cornwall….

Finally create that online business to sustain
a carefree lifestyle of travel, exploration & adventure.

Plan the perfect

Well, You know what your big
lofty goals are…..

That we forget to enjoy the journey
along the way.

We kind of dismiss celebrating the little
pieces of the pathway that are leading
us to the BIG GOAL.

So, As it’s Sunday instead of beating
yourself about the projects you
didn’t finish, the clean eating plan
that just crashed out last night
in the Indian, the to do list that you never
go anywhere close to finishing……

Lets CELEBRATE all the stuff that made
your week.

It can by tiny weeny little lessons.

Really small magical moment of progress.

Even if you had a week of swimming in soup
& hardship.

There HAS to be a lesson, you can celebrate
& learn from?


Success is anything that helps you make better
decisions in the future.

So crack on.
Get your glad rags on
& Celebrate your success.

Happy Sunday!

Love Rachel xxx


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