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8 Ways To Smash Sugar Cravings

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Bethan & Molly are so inspired by Mum

8 Ways To Smash Sugar  Cravings


Everyone following Kick Start Fat Loss
lifestyle plans
will battle cravings from time to time. so here are my 7 top
tips to HALT those pesky cravings
& stop them in bang in their tracks.



When cravings sneak into your brain and you simply
CANNOT think of anything else but devouring
a GALAXY Bar / a whole jar of peanut butter/
monster packs of M & M’s or whatever it may be
here are my  strategies…..



1: Do a HIIT Workout. A quick 10minute will flood
your body and brain with happy hormones & a post
workout high.


2:DRINK first. You are more than likely dehydrated  so drink a 1 litre
of bottled water.


3:Eat Vegetables. Load up at on your veggies  at every meal.
Veggies are filling & are amazing sources of fibre. They suppress hunger
and keep you satisfied for longer.


4: Nuts. If you are really craving sugar then choose nuts. Not salted
or roasted go for organic or natural Almonds, Hazelnuts, Cashews.


5: STRESS will definitely play a massive role in your cravings.
Try practising meditation on a daily basis. Start with 2 minutes & build up
your daily practice.


6: SLEEP is the body’s reset button and in the case of sugar cravings
insufficient sleep will drive your cravings into overdrive.
Go to bed by 1030 & sleep in a bat cave switching
of all infra-red stand bys & phones.


7: Use positive affirmations. Have a daily mantra that you use
and replay in your mind. it could be “I only choose to
eat healthy food” and when faced with a craving focus on
your mantra.



8: THINK FORWARD. I always “think forward” and think about how I feel
if I  cave and eat a bag of M & M’s.
I can recreate the feeling
of bloatedness, feeling tired, sick even and that is usually enough
to snap me out of it.


I know I will feel shitty after I’ve caved & I
just don’t want to so I’ll go for nuts instead.


Has this helped you?


As always I love to hear from you please
tweet me @RachelHolmes


Have a wonderful Wednesday


Love Rachel xx


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