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Episode 7 Have YOU Got A Wheat Belly?

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Have YOU Got a Wheat Belly?

Do you struggle with fat around the mid section (there is no nice way to put that!).

Do you make sure you eat “whole grains” thinking they are good for you?

Check out Episode 7 of my Kick Start Show & I’ll give you
the low down on how & why “whole grains & wheat” spells disaster
for your waist line, your health & your brain function.

Did you know that after eating a bowl of whole grain cereal or
having 2 slices of brown toast
for your breakfast your blood sugar levels and blood insulin levels sky rocket
higher, than if you had a snickers bar OR 6 teaspoons of sugar.

This repetitive cycle sets you up every 2 hours for an increase in
serious cravings for more wheat and sugar AND the body layes
down visceral fat around your mid section
as a consequence of this cycle.

Eating wheat is one of THE Best way to increase your body fat,
become insulin resistance, get Type 2 Diabetes, Heart disease,
inflammatory conditions, joint pain, headaches, IBS,
….the list goes on….

And the worse thing is….

It is marketed to us as being “healthy”

There are some studies to show the wheat of today
contains an opium like substance that keeps the brain
addicted & craving more & more.

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