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Eat Butter And Lose Weight – Be A Butter Babe

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Why we love Butter on KickStart
What Is The Deal With Butter &  
Why We SAY YES To Grass Fed Butter on Kick Start*****TRUTH BOMB ALERT***********BUTTER DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT

WOW for how many years have you been avoiding butter?

Flippin plenty I bet…. Right?

So here is the Butter Low DownWhy Butter is Better?
It needs to be Butter from Organic or Grass Fed Cows – Try your local organic farm shop, Calon Wen or Kerrygold.

1: Butter contains BUTYRATE

Butyrate is a short chain saturated fatty acid that is:
b: Inhibits NF-Kappa Beta (reduces inflammation)Tests on rats & mice show BUTYRATE:
Protects against mental illness
Increased energy expenditure
Reduces the negative effects of Type 1 Diabetes
Decreases intestinal permeability

2: Vitamins

Butter is a rich source of easily absorbed vitamin A, needed for a wide range of functions, from maintaining good vision to keeping the endocrine system functioning.

3: Butter contains all the other fat-soluble vitamins (D, E and K2), which are lacking in the modern diet.

4: Minerals 

Butter is rich in important trace minerals, including manganese, chromium, zinc, copper and selenium (a powerful antioxidant). Butter provides more selenium per gram than wheat germ or herring. Butter is also an excellent source of iodine.

5: Fatty Acids

Butter provides amounts of short- and medium-chain fatty acids, which support immune function, boost metabolism and have anti-microbial properties; that is, they fight against pathogenic microorganisms in the intestinal tract. Butter also provides the perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fats. Arachidonic acid in butter is important for brain function, skin health and prostaglandin balance.

6: Contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) 

When butter comes from cows eating green grass, it contains high levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a compound that gives excellent protection against cancer and also helps your body build muscle rather than store fat.7: Glycospingolipids

These are a special category of fatty acids that protect against gastrointestinal infections, especially in the very young and the elderly.


Despite all of the misinformation you may have heard,
cholesterol is NEEDED to maintain intestinal health and for brain and nervous system development.
9: Wulzen Factor

A hormone-like substance that prevents arthritis and joint stiffness, ensuring that calcium in your body is put into your bones rather than your joints and other tissues. The Wulzen factor is present only in raw butter and cream; it is destroyed by pasteurization.
10: Carotene
Butter contains more Carotene than carrots.

11: Keeps Your Full & Satisfied

Adding butter to your food keeps you much fuller & satisfied for longer. It also reduces cravings. It provides a quick source of energy, leaves you feeling full for a longer period of time & reduces cravings. It does this by stimulating the release of bile, which allows for the adsorption of vitamins & eliminates toxins. It can also help you burn fat by stopping a spike in insulin.The word is spreading. Kick Starters around the UK & Ireland

are eating high quality butter &seeing fantastic results.
One Kick Starter who lost 3 stone  by eating 3 meals a day
adding grassfed  butter to her veggies, eating avocados,
organic meats and fishes says“I stay full twice as long when I add in
butter. I feel sharp and focussed It’s amazing.”

The Low Fat movement is based on bad research by Ancel Keys in 1953.

Will it take another 50 years for us to fix that mistake?

Take your health in to your own hands.
Please don’t get your nutritional information from a
TV advert or the back of a cereal box.
So rejoice my friends the truth is getting though slowly.Ditch the low fat & processed junk and pass me the butter & veggies.Feel twice as full with a 100 times more energy.

Its the Kick Start Fat Loss way of the future.

I really hope you are enjoying these articles and they help you make
the right choices for your goals.

Happy Tuesday

Love Rachel x

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